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To turn off Discord notification sounds, start by clicking the gear-shaped User Settings button. Within User Settings, click Notifications from the sidebar on the left. Scroll down on the Notifications page until you see Sounds. You must manually go through and click every sound to disable them all.

How do you turn on Christmas sounds on Discord?

All you have to do is click user settings in the bottom. Left then under app settings you’ll be looking for the notifications.

Why is my Discord making noises?

Discord keeps beeping because people are either messaging each other in a server that you are a part of, someone has mentioned you in a server with an “@mention”, or you are being notified of a new event taking place in a server you are a part of.

How do I mute Discord pings?

How to turn off Discord notifications for a specific channel
  1. Enter the server that has a channel you want to mute, and open the channel.
  2. In the desktop app, right-click the channel’s name and select “Mute channel.” You can then pick how long you’d like to mute the channel for.

How do I change the alert sound on Discord?

Change Discord App Files
  1. Get the sounds you prefer at first, store them safely.
  2. Go to Start Menu and Search Run.
  3. Open Run and type AppData\Local\Discord\app-(version)\resources\sounds.
  4. Open the folder you just found.
  5. Copy all the sounds you downloaded.
  6. Rewrite them into the folder you opened.

How do I mute Discord notifications on my computer?

To mute Discord channel notifications:
  1. Open Discord on your PC, Mac, or via your web browser.
  2. Select your Discord server from the icons on the left.
  3. Right-click a channel and hover over Mute channel.
  4. Choose a time duration between 15 minutes and until I turn it back on.

Why does my Discord sound like a robot?

The most common fix to the distortion is to have your server owner/admin switch the server region, in server settings > overview, to a server that is closest to your physical location. If you’re already on a server closest to your physical location select the next closest one to see if the distortion persist.

How do I fix the Discord echo on my computer?

The echo problem can occur due to some wrong settings.
  1. At the bottom-right corner of your taskbar, right-click your sound icon and select Open Sound settings.
  2. Make sure you select the correct output and input device from the drop-down.

How do I get rid of static on Discord?

And from here we want to disable audio enhancements this will essentially. Turn off that audio dg. Function for your device.

Why do my friends hear static from my mic?

There a handful of reasons that a microphone will emit static sounds. The most common problem is that the gain, which is basically the mic’s sensitivity, is set too high on your amp or audio interface. However, ambient sound, bad cable connections, and moving air are also common culprits.

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