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1. How to make a Discord.JS bot with JS! | Purge command …


2. How do you code a purge command – Stack Overflow


Mar 24, 2018 · 2 answers
What you are looking for is this ( bulkDelete() ) method for Discord.js. It bulk deletes a message, just simply pass in a collection of message in the …
Discord .js Purge Command v12(stable) – Stack Overflow
Dec 18, 2020
Discord bot – Purge command not working discord.js-commando
Jan 17, 2021
Discord.js v12 clear command – Stack Overflow
Jan 8, 2021
discord.js unlimited purge command – Stack Overflow
Dec 26, 2020
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3. discord.js purge command Code Example


“discord.js purge command” Code Answer’s. how to make a purge command discord.js. javascript by BlueCrafter6 on Aug 27 2021 Comment.

4. discord-js purge command Code Example


Javascript queries related to “discord-js purge command”. discordjs nodejs purge command · discordjs purge command · discord.js how to purge members …

5. Discord.JS v13 – Clear/Purge Command [Ep. 14] – YouTube

A clear or purge command is used to delete multiple messages at the same time. In this video I go over two …
Oct 25, 2021 · Uploaded by Worn Off Keys
‎| Must include: Node.

6. How to Use Discord.js with Commando to Quickly Create a …


How to Use Discord.js with Commando to Quickly Create a Purge command … Complement babashka with libraries from the Node.js ecosystem.

7. How to make a purge command discord.js – Pretag


Sep 21, 2021 — What you are looking for is this (bulkDelete()) method for Discord.js.,I’m making a discord bot that purges. When I did some testing by …

8. An Awesome Clear Command For Your Discord.JS Bot


Jul 20, 2019 — In this tutorial you will learn how to create a clear command for your Discord.JS Bot…

9. Escohen98/purgeBot: A Discord bot to delete messages.


purge ~purge [count] clears a defined number non-pinned messages in given channel. … The contents of the help command are set in ready.js.

10. How can I make a purge command for discord.py? – Replit


Trying to make it so that you can run a command where when you run “?purge 12″(12 can be any number), it deletes 12 previous messages in order(from new to …

11. Why is discord.js purge command not responding? – OStack.cn


Oct 7, 2021 — I’m trying to make a discord.js bot. I’m getting stuck on the purge command. When .
1 answer  ·  0 votes: Is it just purge or is it all commands? If it is all commands then use this: message.channel.send(`Latency is ${Date.now() – message.createdTimestamp}ms.`) …

12. how to make a purge command code example | Newbedev


Example: discord.js purge case ‘clear’: if(!args[1]) return message.reply (‘Error, please define second argument’) message.channel.bulkDelete(args[1]);

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