How to do about me on discord

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How do you edit your about me on Discord?

Add “About Me” Info on Discord From Desktop

On the settings page, in “My Account,” click “Edit User Profile.” Scroll the “User Profile” page to the bottom. There, add some information about yourself in the “About Me” text box. Then save your changes by clicking “Save Changes.”

Can you do about me on Discord mobile?

As of now, you can access the About Me feature of Discord only on desktop. We will update this article as soon as it’s available on Mobile as well.

How do I set up about me on Discord mobile?

So the first thing you want to do is go to your settings page and you can open this up by clicking on your profile avatar at the bottom right and here we want to click on our profile picture.

How do you put text under your name in Discord?

To Edit your custom status, click on your profile picture at the bottom left of your app, and click on your custom status. To Clear your custom status, click on your profile picture at the bottom left of your app, and click the “X” icon to the right of your custom status.

How do I change about me on Discord Android?

Now if i go ahead and scroll all the way to the bottom. And then i tap on the settings gear cog over there you can see now that i have underneath my account it says new there and it says user profile.

How do I get a banner on Discord profile?

Step 1: Click the gear icon to the right of your username in the bottom-left corner of Discord. Step 2: Click “Edit Profile.” Step 3: Click “Change Banner.” This will open your computer’s file browser, where you can choose the image you want to use as your profile banner.

Who can see about me Discord?

Basically you should have the option to decide who exactly can view your profile picture or your status and/or custom status. Basically you can make everybody see it, or friends only, or you can disable blocked users from seeing them and allow everybody else.

How do I customize my beta Discord profile?

Discord Profile Customization
  1. Go into user settings by clicking on the settings option on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Now, go to My Account.
  3. Once you open this you will see an edit option next to your profile. Click on it and edit your avatar.