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1. Can I recover an old Discord chat? – Quora


Mar 15, 2020 — Open any mailbox, then click on the Closed folder from the left-hand sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the Closed folder, then click on the Recently Deleted link …
8 answers  ·  11 votes: The process below is for Windows. It may be doable on MacOS but there are alternatives. If …
How do I find a deleted chat conversation in …
8 answers
Apr 8, 2019
How do we reopen a closed DM in discord? – Quora
11 answers
Jul 17, 2020
Can you help me in any idea how to retrieve an old …
1 answer
Oct 15, 2020
If I closed a DM on Discord, does the receiving end …
5 answers
May 16, 2019
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2. Making old direct messages accessible – Discord Support


I know the DMs are safekept in there somewhere, I know they can be accessed, I just want the means to actually open that DM again! At least let me search …

3. Re-opening closed DM’s. – Discord Support


Our dm is the only thing left i have with him and i couldn’t find it anywhere. Please make it happen that we see our past dms.

4. Reopen a closed DM? : r/discordapp – Reddit

Reopen a closed DM? from discordapp

Dec 9, 2018 — Get in blocked users list, click on him and that will open the dm you have with that user. From there you will be able to delete your messages.
3 answers  ·  Top answer: If you have their userID, type and it’ll act as if you’ve mentioned them. Click …
How do I access closed dms with someone I unfriended that …
Jan 9, 2020
Restoring all past DM conversations. : r/discordapp – Reddit
Oct 30, 2018
Is there a way to reopen a closed DM if I do not have the person
Nov 16, 2019
View Closed DM? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Jan 9, 2017
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5. How do you View Old Messages on Discord?

How do you View Old Messages on Discord? – Discord Tips

Jul 8, 2020 — From: user: – Click on the search box and choose “from: user“ from the drop-down and add the user name of the user to find out that users’ …

6. How do you view old DMS on discord?

How do you view old DMS on discord?

If they are your friend on Discord, go to the friends tab, and simply click on their name, the old DM’s should appear. If you are not their friend, …

7. Discord on Twitter: “@BATBIntoxicates That’s correct, you can …

That’s correct, you can still reopen the convo and find the message history. … How does one do this? Cuz I closed a recent DM Convo and now I want it back.

8. Can I see deleted messages on discord? – BoardGamesTips


How do I know if a discord Server is deleted? Does discord delete old DMs? Do discord messages stay forever? Can you reopen a closed DM on discord?

9. How To Delete Your DM History On Discord – Online Tech Tips

How To Delete Your DM History On Discord

Oct 25, 2019 — Older messages can be queued and deleted individually (at a rate limit). With Discord seemingly content with storing our messages forever, it’s …

10. How to Find and View Deleted Messages on Discord

How to Find and View Deleted Messages on Discord

Jun 24, 2020 — The answer is unfortunately No. According to Discord, messages that have been deleted are gone forever. They cannot be retrieved both for text …

11. How To See Deleted Discord Messages? Best GUIDE [2021]

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord? View deleted Discord Messages?

Jul 6, 2021 — How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Mobile? · Click on the cog icon by going to User Settings. · Choose Blue Mods and then tap on Chat. · After …

12. How To Mass Delete Your DM History On Discord – Get Droid …


Aug 28, 2021 — Then click on three-dot in front of the conversation that you want to delete. Afterwards, click on the delete button. It seems to be the old- …

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