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How do I find a friend’s Discord tag?

You can find this Discord Tag at the bottom left corner of the Discord Desktop client. On your phone, go to the profile, and you will find this tag under your profile picture. If you want to find someone else’s Discord tag, tap on their profile picture, and there you will find their tag.

How do you find someone’s Discord without tags?

Searching users and finding Someone on Discord can be as simple as using the home screen search bar. Type in the name of the person you’re looking for, and a list of usernames will appear. Scroll through the list to find your friends.

How do I find my Discord tags?

As mentioned, the tag is placed right after the Discord username, separated by a hash (#). To check your tag on the desktop app, login and check the bottom left of the screen, beside the text box. Your Discord tag will be shown, with the username at the top and the #discriminator at the bottom.

Are Discord tags unique?

What Are Discord Tags? A Discord tag is a unique number indicator beside your username. It ranges from #0001 to #9999. You may be wondering how Discord can maintain that uniqueness if it has millions of users but only 10,000 tags.

How do I change my Discord tag to 0001?

To change your Discord Tag, navigate to your User Settings and click the Edit button. From there, you’ll notice that your Discord Tag is editable!

How do you use tags in Discord?

Each tag can be enabled by using a slider (Left or Right). These are hidden by default on each player’s profile and can only be seen by pressing the “Tags” button On their Profile. To add custom Tags you must visit The “Tags” settings menu and select “Add Tag”.

How do I get my old Discord tag back?

Here are the steps to change back to your previous username:
  1. Tap on the Username again to open the Edit Username page.
  2. Tap on the Username box, and change it to the previous one.
  3. Tap on Save and then verify your password again.
  4. Tap Done.

What happens to your Discord tag after Nitro runs out?

Discord Nitro custom tag should just revert to what it was before you changed it when your subscription ends. When you get a Nitro Subscription, you get to customize your tag. Once it ends, though, it shouldn’t randomize it, but rather revert it to what it was before.

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