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How do I see my Discord password?

Recovering your password on Mobile / Tablet
  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. On the login page and enter your Discord email.
  3. Click “Forgot your password,” placed right above the Login button.
  4. Enter your email on the popup that appears. …
  5. Login to your email. …
  6. Open the mail and follow the instructions provided.

How do I get my Discord password without email?

If you’ve forgotten your password and don’t have access to a linked email or phone number, you’ll need Discord’s assistance to recover it. Instead of using the “Forgot Password” feature, you can contact Discord Support directly to request a password reset.

Why can’t I reset my Discord password?

Why is Discord not resetting your password? Discord isn’t resetting your password because sometimes Discord doesn’t have enough resources to handle password reset requests. It doesn’t send you the password reset mail as its servers are occasionally stacked; it might work requesting a password reset several times.

How do I change my Discord password without 2fa?

Open Discord and go to User Settings. In the first tab on the left, My Account, you will find the Change Password option. In the new window that opens, you need to input your current (old) password, then write your new, secure password and click Done.

Can I login to Discord with username?

On the Discord website, click on “Login” (top right). Click on “Register” below the sign in button. Enter your email address, a username, a password, and your date of birth. Accept the terms of use and click on “Continue.”

Can you recover a deleted Discord account after 30 days?

Deleted accounts will stay deleted permanently, and cannot be recovered, we mean it!

Why does Discord say my email doesn’t exist?

Problem is, the “email doesn’t exist” error means the account email was changed to something else. =[ Be careful with your info!