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How do I fix Discord connection issues?

How to fix the Discord stuck on connecting error?
  1. Restart your system, router and modem.
  2. Change your Network connection settings.
  3. Modify DNS Settings.
  4. Make sure that your firewall allows Discord.
  5. Correct the date and time on your computer.
  6. Check for malware on your computer.
  7. Disable conflicting apps.

How do I make my Discord connection better?

There are several things you can do to fix a bad Discord connection:
  1. Utilize Your Antivirus Software. …
  2. Disable Your VPN. …
  3. Close Background Applications. …
  4. Disable Unnecessary Browser Extensions. …
  5. Disable Hardware Acceleration. …
  6. Try Channel Bonding Technology.

What internet speed do I need for Discord?

What do I need to stream on Discord? Mainly, you need a good upload speed. On my connection, which supports up to 5 Mbps upload, Discord streaming at 720p and 60 FPS works fairly smoothly. With higher upload speeds, pushing higher resolutions shouldn’t be an issue.

Why do I keep losing connection to Discord?

This can be due to a number of reasons which include running Discord with insufficient permissions or the server region that you are connected to. The issue can be really frustrating as it disconnects you from a Discord voice call after a certain time.

Why are Discord calls so laggy?

It’s common to see Discord lagging if you’re running multiple programs on your PC, because some of them may conflict with Discord. To solve the problem, you can try ending unnecessary programs. You just need to press Shift + Ctrl + Esc to open Task Manager.

Why is my ping so high in Discord?

Hence, if you are running Discord and the ping keeps spiking, it might be because you are running too many applications in the background. This does not mean that your internet connection is slow or is not up to the mark; it just means that you are overburdening it.

How do I reduce Discord bandwidth?

How to minimize the usage of data by Discord?
  1. Disable ‘When posted as links to chat’;
  2. Disable ‘When uploaded directly to Discord’

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