So many people are ignorantly on Discord without an idea of Discord Terms of Service. Banning in Discord is mostly due to violation of the Terms of Service in Discord or violation of community guidelines. Sometimes it’s a fair ban, sometimes it isn’t but the banning decision is all dependent on the servers. 

In discord, you can either be banned temporarily or permanently. When banned temporarily in discord, the servers administration will determine when to lift the ban. In this article, you’ll get to understand how discord ban works and how to bypass a ban in discord.

It is always advisable to follow the rules of any platform but if you’re banned from using Discord, don’t panic, you can use the steps easiest for you in order to bypass a ban in Discord. After bypassing the ban and having access to the server, you must follow the Terms of Service to avoid being banned again. Another platform to follow the rules to avoid being banned is badoo, this platform is easily accessible and you can delete your badoo account if you want.

Analysis of Discord Ban

Most apps are very strict with their Terms of Service (ToS) and Discord is not an exception. When the terms of service are violated, Discord might permanently ban such accounts or send warning emails. You can also be banned due to violation of community guidelines, a server administration bans and determines when the ban will be lifted.

Let’s take a look at the different types of Discord ban before delving into bypassing the ban.

Types of Discord

  • Server Ban: This occurs due to violation of a particular Discord server’s rule. This means you are banned from joining a particular server but you are free to join other servers. In this case, the server administrators will determine if you’ll be unbanned or not.
  • Discord Ban: This is the type of ban that prevents you from accessing Discord or joining any server or community. This is due to the violation of Discord’s Terms of Service (ToS). This ban might be temporary or permanent.

The company does not just ban permanently at first offense, Discord’s trust and safety team usually sends out warning to anyone who misbehaves on the platform, when you see such mails, it is advisable to stay away from the platform for a while before coming back.

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If you were banned from the Discord platform due to an offense and you evade the ban and go back to doing the same thing, your account might be disabled. This is an important fact to note before reading the steps to bypass a ban in Discord.

How Discord Bans It’s Users

Everyone on Discord has their unique IP address and username, these are the two ways Discord keeps track of its users.

When you are banned from Discord, your username and IP address are equally banned, so anyone who tries accessing a  Discord server with that username will be denied access. Even when you change your username name, your access will be denied due to your unique IP address, the network senses this information and immediately your IP address is recognized, access is automatically denied.

This goes as far as preventing you from creating another account while using the same computer system as the network automatically detects your IP address leading to automatic blockage from the server.

How to Evade a Ban in Discord

Having the knowledge that Discord tracks your IP address and any means of bypassing a ban using your IP address will prove abortive, there are some ways in which you can get around a ban without being detected.

There are two ways of bypassing a ban on discord and they include;

  • Use of VPN
  • Use of Mobile device

How to Evade a Ban in Discord by Using VPN

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network which hides the IP address and location. VPN is one of the best methods of bypassing a ban on any platform.

When you are banned from Discord, the network takes note of your device and IP address and prevents further access to the app, this is why a VPN is necessary for evasion of the ban.

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Although there are numerous VPNs in this context, we’ll be making use of ExpressVPN.

Making Use of a Computer

A Mac or PC can be used while using VPN to evade a ban. 

Using PC

For this to be possible, you will have to get rid of all Discord data from your device. After deleting them, take the following steps ;

  • Click the power button at the top to activate ExpressVPN
  • Display the Discord client on your desktop
  • Sign up for a new account using a new email.
  • Login to Discord using the new account and join the server which you were banned and restricted from joining.

Using a Mac

Just like it is done on the PC, you first delete all Discord data from your device. After this is done, following these steps;

  • Open ExpressVPN on your Mac and activate it by clicking the power button
  • Open Discord and create a new account with a new email
  • Sign in and join the server which you were banned or any server of your choice

Making Use of a Smartphone

The use of VPN is not restricted to only the computer, a smartphone can be used to activate VPN and bypass a ban in Discord. The following steps are taken;

  • Uninstall your Discord app, by doing this, all the Discord related data will be automatically deleted.
  • Activate VPN
  • Reinstall the Discord app
  • Register a new account with a fresh email address
  • Login and join servers

How to Evade a Ban in Discord Using a Mobile Device

When you are banned from Discord on your PC, the network takes note of the device and IP address and blocks further logins and prevents you from creating a new account. You can however use your mobile device to trick the server by following these steps;

  • Ensure your WiFi is turned off and your cellular data is on
  • Install the Discord mobile app on your device
  • Register a new account with a fresh email address
  • Login the new account and join server
  • Log out of the Discord app and turn off your cellular data
  • Login to Discord on your desktop using your new account. The new account will be allowed to get access to the server


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