How to get color text in discord

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How do you type in color text?

Go to Format > Font > Font. + D to open the Font dialog box. Select the arrow next to Font color, and then choose a color.

How do you write red text in Discord?

Red Discord Text

You will need to use the dash before the text to turn it red. Once you send the message, your red text will appear in a box.

How do you color text in Discord mobile?

To color your text Cyan in Discord, use yaml as the code for this color in the first line after using the backquote symbol thrice. There is more than one method to add green color to your text. First, use CSS as code after the (“`) in the first line. This method generally works.

How do you change colors in Discord?

  1. In the Discord mobile app, tap the Hamburger menu icon ( …
  2. Tap your Server’s Name at the top left and select Settings in the menu that appears.
  3. Scroll down and tap Roles under User Management. …
  4. Tap the + symbol in the bottom right corner to create a new role. …
  5. Type in a name for your role, and select a color for it.

How do you make text red?

<BODY TEXT=”#ff0000″>

#ff0000 is the color code for red.

What is text Colour?

{{ Font color }} is how you insert colorized text, such as red, orange, green, blue and indigo, and many others. You can specify its background color at the same time. {{ Font color }} is also how you can color wikilinks to something other than blue for when you need to work within background colors.

How do I use Discord fonts?

How to Use a Different Font in a Discord Message
  1. Use a Font Generator. First, find a font generator online. …
  2. Use Markdown to Apply Formatting. Discord supports the use of Markdown syntax, which lets you apply an italic, bold, underline, and strikethrough formatting to your messages. …
  3. Use Code Blocks to Change the Color.

How do I change the text style on my keyboard?

Change the system font with built-in tools
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Display.
  3. Tap Font and screen zoom.
  4. Select your choice of Font Style and you’re done.

How do I change the text color on my Iphone?

Open the Settings app, then tap Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters. You’ll see three examples of color spaces to help you select an option that fits your needs.

How do you change chat colors?

To change the color of your messages:
  1. From Chats, open the conversation you want to pick a color for.
  2. In the top, tap the conversation name.
  3. Tap Theme.
  4. Tap on a theme, color or gradient for the conversation.

How do I change my typing style?

Change the font for all text using styles
  1. Click Format > Text Styles.
  2. In the Item to Change list, click All, then select the font, size, or color you want for all text in the current view. …
  3. Repeat this process for other views.