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How do I get original PFP from Discord?

The method goes like this:
  1. First, enable Developer Mode on Discord if you haven’t already.
  2. Right-click a user and look for their user ID.
  3. Go to discordzoom.com.
  4. Paste the user ID onto the text box.
  5. Click on “Enlarge!”
  6. Right-click on the avatar.
  7. Click on “Save Image As…”

Why is my Discord PFP red?

A red icon with a line indicates that you don’t want to be disturbed. Other statuses are indicated as below. You can modify your status by clicking on your portrait in the lower left corner of the Discord screen. A menu will pop up letting you choose which status you want to be seen as.

How do you save someone’s Discord PFP 2022?

Go ahead and hold down control shift and i. And that’s going to bring up this little menu where you’re going to want to go to the top left and click on this button. And then click on your profile.

Is sharing Discord ID Safe?

Your Discord ID is public information, so don’t worry if someone knows it. There isn’t anything malicious that they can use it for.

Why is my Discord icon yellow?

The Idle status on Discord is represented by a yellow crescent moon shaped icon on the lower right corner of a person’s profile image. By default, Discord will set a person’s status to Idle if they have the application open on their computer but have been away from their computer for a certain amount of time.

What hex code is Discord background?

Discord uses the colors blurple, full white, greyple, dark but not black, and not quite black for most of their brand assets. The hexadecimal code for their blurple is currently #5865F2. In the RGB color model, that same blurple has 88 red, 101 green, and 242 blue or (88, 101, 242).

How do I make my Discord pink?

To change your Discord background to either a light or dark setting:
  1. Go to the Discord app’s user settings (it’s the gear-shaped icon in the bottom-left corner on your desktop. …
  2. Scroll down to App Settings and select Appearance.
  3. Choose between Light or Dark.

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