How To Get Into A Locked Discord Channel

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1. Request to Join Locked Voice Channel – Discord Support

2. How do I join locked channels on Discord? – Quora

For Group Chats, you need to have a friend in there who can add you into it; you can also join a group chat by receiving an invite made by someone in the group …
13 answers  ·  1 vote: How do I join locked channels on Discord? This may be explained in the rules, a pinned message, …

3. Can’t join a locked chat : r/discordapp – Reddit

Can’t join a locked chat from discordapp

May 7, 2016 — I can’t join a locked chat even after clicking the invite to it. i don’t know … Invites only invite you to the server, attempting to open the channel the …
Is it possible to read hidden/locked channels? : r/discordapp
Dec 26, 2019
Why is there a lock by each channel name now? : r/discordapp
Jun 2, 2017
All voice channels show as locked even if they are not – Reddit
Sep 20, 2017
what does it mean to lock a discord server? : r/discordapp
Aug 26, 2018
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4. How to view hidden channels in Discord – Swipe Tips

Sep 16, 2020 — View hidden channels in Discord · Select the server and access Notification Settings. · Scroll down to Notification Overrides. · Add the channel …

5. How To Lock A Discord Channel [2021 METHOD] – PC Strike

Oct 4, 2021 — To lock access to a particular channel, open your server, right-click the voice or text channel and select Edit Channel. From here, open the …

6. How to Lock a Discord Channel on a PC or Mac – wikiHow

19 steps
Open Discord on your PC or Mac. You’ll find Discord in your Start menu on Windows, or in the Applications folder on macOS. If you’d rather sign in on the …
Click the server that hosts the channel you want to lock. Servers are represented by round icons running down the left side of the app.
Click the gear next to the channel you want to lock. The gear only appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the channel’s name in the list.

7. How to Lock a Discord Channel

Locking a channel allows people to view previous messages, but prevents them from sending new ones (within the channel). … Next, navigate to the “Permissions” …

8. How to Lock a Channel on Discord | Phone & PC

How to Lock a Channel on Discord | Phone & PC

How to unlock a channel in discord? — You must be an admin to unlock a channel in discord, go to your discord channel settings …

9. Lock a channel in discord but users are alowed to see the …

What I want is the user should be able to see that there is channel but not able to click on it as shown in the image. enter image description here. How can I …
1 answer  ·  Top answer: This is not able to be done with text channels, but it is able to be done for voice channels. By disallowing the Connect permission for the role of your …

10. What does the lock mean in discord? – BoardGamesTips

Why is discord channel locked? — When you see a lock icon similar to this- That means it is a private voice channel that you can not connect to and is …

11. Ability to lock and unlock voice channels #54 – GitHub

Jan 21, 2021 — Anyone in a voice channel should be able to use ++lock (eg in #botspam) … added this to To do in JCT Discord Bot via automation on Jan 21.

12. Snippet: Discord Channel lock/unlock Command – Autocode

Using !lock or !unlock, you can lock and unlock discord channels. Keep in mind that unlocking sets to @everyone, so be careful!