How to get netflix to show on discord status

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How do I fix Netflix not showing up on discord stream?

And you can even with nitro you can even go up to 60 frames per second we can go live. And now this should allow us to hear sound from netflix inside of discord so that’s one problem solved. The next

How do you display what you’re watching on your discord status?

So then what we can do is go to youtube. And first you want to uh click on this like puzzle piece icon.

Does Netflix block screen sharing on Discord?

Can You Screen Share Netflix on Discord? Yes, you can screen share Netflix in your private groups and use it to watch movies together. Discord allows you to showcase your gaming skills or share what you’re doing with friends, but it offers many more features.

Is streaming Netflix on Discord illegal?

It is illegal to stream Netflix and any other streaming platform, like Disney Plus, Hulu, or Prime Video, for friends on Discord. If you want more information, check out points 4.2 and 4.6 on Netflix’s Terms of Use page.

Does Discord show what you’re listening to on Spotify?

When your Spotify account links to Discord, your Discord status will show Listening to Spotify whenever you’re accessing Spotify via the desktop.

How do you get a rich presence on Discord?

Baby all you need to do is enable zary’s plugin library. And enable auto start rich presence.

Does Discord show what you are watching on twitch?

Discord will only show that you’re streaming when you have streamer mode enabled. So don’t disable it! Streamer mode is a setting in Discord – go to settings > Streamer Mode > Enable streamer mode. You can even bind this to a hotkey!