How to get people to join discord

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How do you get more people to join Discord?

How To Get More Discord Members Fast
  1. Promote Your Server On Social Media.
  2. Add Your Server Link To Discord Directories.
  3. Buy Discord Server Members.
  4. Promote Your Discord Invite Link In Related Servers.

How do I grow my Discord server?

When growing your Discord server it’s crucial to focus on giving value to your community members. If you give them great value in the form of exclusive offers, insider information, giveaways, etc., your community will grow healthily and stay engaged. The more value you give, the more your community will give back.

How do I make Discord more active?

To cultivate a great atmosphere, you’ll need to keep your members engaged by sparking new conversations, joining in on discussions and overall, facilitating a great community. This can be done by asking questions, reacting to messages and overall, making members feel welcome to participate in discussions.

How do I promote my Discord server for free?

If you want to promote your Discord server, one of the best ways to let the internet know about your server is by adding it to server listings. These listings contain links and descriptions of servers spanning numerous categories, and can be a great way to promote your server to those looking for new servers to join.

How do you make a Discord server fun?

10 Cool Discord Server Ideas to Try Out: The Ultimate Guide
  1. Introductions Channel. …
  2. Create Dedicated Voice Channels for Specific Interests/Games. …
  3. General Discussions. …
  4. Host Events. …
  5. 10 Aesthetic Discord Server Templates: The Ultimate List.
  6. Make Regular Announcements. …
  7. Add Important Roles. …
  8. Ask a Question of The Day to Members.

How do you promote Discord?

The best way to promote your brand on Discord is to build a business-specific community server, along with different related channels for conversation. You can then invite users to join, have them find you organically through browsing the platform, or promote it on your other social channels and in marketing materials.

What should I name my Discord server?

Good Discord Server Names
  • Rainy Day CafĂ©
  • Study Cabin.
  • Good Vibes.
  • Mental Hospital.
  • Chill Paradise.
  • Anti Stress.
  • Cuddle Kingdom.
  • Luna Academy.

What are some good Discord server names?

Cool Discord Server Names Ideas (2022)
  • ButterHost.
  • Discordia.
  • The Dapper Server.
  • Eris’ Playground.
  • Lunar Lander.
  • Nebula’s Playground.
  • The Next Level.
  • Olympus.

How do I revive a dead Discord server?

A great practice you can start to revive your Discord server is to host scheduled events. These events can follow either a strict or lax schedule, such as hosting weekly events.

Here are several simple weekly events you can try hosting on your server:
  1. Trivia Night.
  2. Movie Night.
  3. Karaoke Night.
  4. Game Night.
  5. Contests.

How do you make a server alive?

In order to boost your traffic to your server and create a highly active server, you need to:
  1. Get engaged with your server members. …
  2. Stimulate the conversations based on the knowledge and thinking. …
  3. Host events. …
  4. Incorporate Bots. …
  5. Advertise your server on server listings and make sure to welcome new members.

What are the best Discord bots?

The best Discord bots plus their features
  1. MEE6. MEE6 is a bot that enables you to automate tasks like sending welcome messages. …
  2. Dank Memer. If you want a fun Discord atmosphere, then you might want to consider adding the Dank Memer bot to your list. …
  3. …
  4. ProBot. …
  5. IdleRPG. …
  6. Community Hubs. …
  7. …
  8. Double Counter.