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How do I disable the overlay?

How to Turn off ShadowPlay?
  1. Open the Share overlay and go to Preferences.
  2. Scroll to find the Overlays option and choose it.
  3. Move to Status Indicator and click Off.

How do I disable Discord overlay for one game?

  1. Go to “Library”
  2. Right click on the game you want to disable overlay for.
  3. Check the “Disable Overlay” box.

What is Discord overlay?

Discord’s Game Overlay lets you quickly bring up Discord while playing a game, even if you’re playing in fullscreen mode. Along with showing you any new messages or calls you receive, the overlay also lets you “pin” a chat to the screen so it’ll always be visible while you play.

Does Discord overlay lower FPS?

Whenever i close the discord overlay, my FPS drops heavily, from about 100 to 40, or even 20.

How do you toggle overlay on Discord?

Before opening your game, go into Discord and click on the User Settings. This is a small gear icon located at the bottom of the window, next to your username. Under the App Settings, click on the Overlay option. Toggle Enable In-Game Overlay to on by clicking the slider.

Why is there no overlay option in Discord?

Make sure Overlay is enabled

Click on the Games tab → Find your desired game on the list → Check the Overlay box next to the game. If it wasn’t already checked, this was likely the root of your issues. If Discord Overlay is still not showing, sometimes it helps to check and uncheck the Overlay box next to the game.

How do I change the overlay Keybind in Discord?

Navigate to User Settings > Keybinds & select Activate Overlay Chat to set your keybind.

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