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How do you take ownership of a Discord server?

Scroll the “Server Settings” page to the bottom and tap “Members.” On the “Member List” page, find the user to transfer server ownership to. Then, next to their name, tap the three dots. In the three-dots menu, tap “Transfer Ownership.”

Why is the server owner Crown not showing?

Why is Discord crown not showing up? Discord crown is not showing up as you have one or more roles that are both hoisted (shows separately on server sidebar) and have administrator privileges. In that case, you will lose the crown despite being the owner of the server.

How do I get crowns on my server?

How to Get the Server Owner Crown on Discord
  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Navigate to the server where your crown disappeared.
  3. Right-click on the server name.
  4. Click on Server Settings.
  5. Tap to the Roles. …
  6. Click on every role, then go for Role Settings.
  7. Toggle OFF the option Display role members separately from online members.

Why do I have a crown on Discord?

What Does the Crown Mean? In Discord, a crown is an icon displayed next to the Admin users’ name in a server. All you need to do to see this icon is navigate to your server and look at the member’s list to the right. Here, you will see all of the members in your server and your crown badge.

Can there be 2 owners of a Discord server?

Can A Discord Server Have Multiple Owners? A server can only have a single person as its owner. However, there are additional options to give more than one person the ability to moderate a server.

What is Discord’s net worth?

Discord Net Worth

As of March 2021, Discord is valued at an estimated $7 billion, doubling its value in about a year. The company’s value can be attributed to its 200 million users and an increased effort to monetize via the subscription service Discord Nitro.

Is Admin the same as owner Discord?

An Administrator is a user who’s been given certain privileges by the owner. They can do everything an owner can do, except they can’t kick any of the other Admins or the owner from the server. In addition, they can’t dethrone the owner and take over the crown unless the owner decides to give it up willingly.

Why did I lose my crown on Discord?

The server owner’s crown symbol disappears when the owner sorts his roles on the server. The symbol of the crown could still always be visible regardless of roles and role settings.

How do you remove the crown on a Discord 2022?

Toggle “Display role members separately from online members” on. Toggle “Administrator” on. Click on Save Changes. Restart Discord and the crown should be gone!

How do you get your crown back in Kingdom 2 crowns?

If you are playing co-op, and the second player still has their crown, they can rebuild your crown using coins. The game forces your character to retreat back to the first island. If you lost on the first island will the game just reset a hundred days later.

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