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Discord Nitro subscribers can set animated GIFs as their profile pictures. They have two options to make Discord GIF PFP. One is using Tenor GIFs, the other is uploading GIFs from your device. If you want to create a GIF from a video, MiniTool MovieMaker might be a good choice for you.

How do you make a GIF your profile picture on discord without Nitro?

Picture however discord later patched this and it no longer works therefore you must have nitro in order to actually set an animated profile. Picture.

How do I make a PFP GIF?

Account go to your profile. And then right here where your profile picture is click the edit. Button i want to select my gif to use as my profile picture but in the dot jiff format it doesn’t work.

How do I put my PFP GIF on Discord mobile?

to set it as your profile picture:
  1. become a discord nitro user.
  2. go to user settings found here:
  3. Edit your profile.
  4. click on your current profile pic, now wait for a file dialogue to appear and upload the .gif!

How much does nitro cost?

Discord Nitro is available in two tiers — Nitro and Nitro Classic. Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year. On the other hand, Nitro Classic is priced at $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. Check out all the Nitro features below.

Is discord Nitro classic worth it?

The benefits you get from Nitro on server boosts alone are worth paying for. However, if you only use Discord a few times a week just to chat with friends and play games, then it might not be worth it. The basic features in Discord are already pretty great and allow you to pretty much do everything you need to do.

How do you save GIFs?

Press and hold your finger on the GIF image until a window pops up prompting you for your choice/input from a small menu of options. At this point you have two options: ‘Save Image’ or ‘Download. ‘ It does not matter what you choose, either will give you the same results and will download to your android phone.

Where can I upload GIFs?

5 Best Ways to Upload or Share GIFs
  1. Imgur. Imgur is one of the most well-known images sharing sites on the internet. …
  2. Tenor. Tenor is primarily an animated GIF site, however, it’s possible to upload still images as well. …
  3. Imgflip.

Why is my Discord banner not working?

To put it simply, the reason why you see the Discord Unable to Load Profile Banner, Badges and About Me bio is because they are not on the same server as you and not your Discord friend as well. Due to this privacy reason, that user’s profile information will be hidden from you.

How do you get tumblr GIFs to work on Discord?

Click the file upload button.

You can also drag and drop a GIF file from your computer without using the upload button. To do this, open the folder where your GIF is stored, and drag the file to your Discord chat window.

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