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How do I not show activity on Discord?

Click on the little Settings icon (Gear button) in the left bottom corner. From the left pane, scroll down and open the Activity Status tab. Toggle the switch to turn off Display current activity as a status message option. Close the User Settings window, and that’s it.

Does Discord show game activity invisible?

If you’re invisible, it won’t display the game you’re playing.

Can you hide certain games from Discord activity?

This will open up the Activity Status settings on Discord. In it, there will be a checkbox of Display current activity as a status message. This will be enabled by default. Disable this option and you have hidden your Game Activity from everyone on Discord.

What does Discord show you doing?

Discord automatically shows your friends the games you’re playing. If a game uses Discord’s Rich Presence feature, your friends can even see where you are in-game. Here’s how you can deactivate this feature and increase your privacy while gaming.

What is activity status on Discord?

Whenever you launch a game (or another program) alongside Discord, Discord adds a status displaying the name and in-game time of the game you’re currently playing. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can enable the Activity status on Discord, along with a brief guide on customizing it to suit your needs.

How do I turn off Discord rich presence?

The plug-in provides a preference to deactivate its behavior:
  1. Open Eclipse Preferences ( Window > Preferences )
  2. Open the plug-in’s page ( Discord Rich Presence )
  3. Uncheck Activate Rich Presence Integration.
  4. Click on Apply.

What is toggle overlay Discord?

Discord’s Game Overlay lets you quickly bring up Discord while playing a game, even if you’re playing in fullscreen mode. Along with showing you any new messages or calls you receive, the overlay also lets you “pin” a chat to the screen so it’ll always be visible while you play.