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How do you hit a return in Discord message?

Believe me; there is no magic sorcery involved. Although very easy to do, many people are unaware of going down a line in a Discord chat. Moving the typing cursor to the location where a new line or a break in the line is required, then holding Shift and pressing Enter helps you go down a line.

How do you hit Return in Discord without sending?

Browser Discord — hitting enter creates a new line instead of send : r/discordapp.

How do you go to the next line while typing in Discord?

When you have finished typing on one line you want to hold shift and press enter this will bring you to a new line without sending. The. Message you.

How do you do a line break in Discord mobile?

Going down a line on Discord is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is press the Shift key and Enter simultaneously. Press and hold down the Shift key first before pressing enter to ensure you don’t accidentally press the enter key first.

How do you line in Discord?

Discord Cross Out Text

You can also use the Context Menu in the browser & desktop version of Discord to cross out words. This will put a line through text in your Discord chat. If you are using a US English keyboard, your Tilde will be Shift + `.

How do I start a new paragraph in Discord?

Let us toggle between:
  1. Enter sends, Shift + Enter creates newline.
  2. Shift + Enter sends, Enter creates newline.

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