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Can your Discord be hacked?

Users can modify their Discord Javascript files. If a cybercriminal gains user permission, they can add malicious code to Discord’s client files. Once users launch the file, they also execute the code. The hacker can then access the user’s Discord data.

Can you get hacked on Discord by texting?

No, chatting on Discord by itself won’t get yourself hacked.

Can Discord recover hacked accounts?

Discord on Twitter: “@Teto_VI We can help recover hacked accounts. If your account has been compromised, please fill out https://t.co/CLfpGPg9ey” / Twitter.

How safe is Discord?

Is Discord safe? With the right privacy settings and monitoring, it’s easy to use Discord safely. However, there’s always a risk when it comes to sites and apps with open chat. The safest way to use Discord is to only accept friend requests and participate in private servers with people you already know.

How likely is it to get hacked?

A survey carried out in 31 countries around the world between October and November 2020 revealed that a third of respondents thought at least one of their online accounts (e.g. email, social media, banking) would be hacked into in 2021.
Characteristic Likely Unlikely
Sweden 36% 48%
Australia 33% 47%
Canada 33% 43%


Should I be worried about being hacked?

It’s OK to be worried, but the real benefit comes when you use those primal feelings that are trying to protect you and use them to empower yourself by learning how to manage your information online.

What do I do if my Discord account has been hacked?

Discord can indeed be hacked. A user should immediately inform Discord of suspicious activity on the platform or if they suspect their account has been hacked. If you suspect your account has been hacked you should change your password and then inform your friends about the hacking.

What happens if someone gets your Discord token?

If you think someone has gained access to your Discord token, you should act immediately. There are two things that will reset your token and return sole control of your account to you: Changing your Discord password and enabling two-factor authorization (2FA).

Is Discord a spyware?

The spotlight is very much appreciated. Discord is spyware because it collects all information that passes through its communication platform. As Discord is a centralized communication platform, all communications have to go through Discord’s official servers, where all of that information can potentially be recorded.

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