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Let us toggle between:
  1. Enter sends, Shift + Enter creates newline.
  2. Shift + Enter sends, Enter creates newline.

How do you line break on Iphone?

Double-tap where you want the break to occur. Tap Insert, then tap Line Break or Page Break.

How do you write multiple lines in Discord?

When you have finished typing on one line you want to hold shift and press enter this will bring you to a new line without sending. The. Message you.

How do you draw a line in Discord?

In this video i’m going to show you how you can put a line through text on discord. So you may have seen people they write text which has a line going through all of it here’s how you can do that. So

How do you move down a line in Discord IOS?

Going down a line on Discord is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is press the Shift key and Enter simultaneously. Press and hold down the Shift key first before pressing enter to ensure you don’t accidentally press the enter key first. This method works on both MAC and PC as well as any other computer device.

How do you skip lines in messages?

To insert a line break in a message: On the web client and Desktop App, press Enter or Shift+Enter if you are writing the message in rich-text mode. Otherwise, press Shift+Enter . On the mobile client, tap Enter .

How do you go to the next line when typing?

And then hit the enter or return key and you can hit that twice to get double spaced. And then you’ll have lines. There you.

What is a line breaker?

Definition of Line Break

A line break is a poetic device that is used at the end of a line, and the beginning of the next line in a poem. It can be employed without traditional punctuation. Also, it can be described as a point wherein a line is divided into two halves.

How do you put a line through text in Discord mobile?

To do strikethrough on Discord, add two tildes on both sides of the text. For example, ~~strikethrough this~~ will appear as strikethrough this on Discord.

How do you cut text in Discord?

By placing two tildes on either side of your text in Discord, you can cross out that text.

Using the context menu
  1. Type out the text that you want to format.
  2. Highlight the text and hover your mouse over it until a small black bar appears above it.
  3. You can click the crossed out S to strikethrough.

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