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How do I link my Aternos server to discord?

Now then guys once we have our tick come over to where it says plugins. In here guys you want to type in discord. And then srv. Like that and click enter.

Can discord be used for Minecraft?

The official Minecraft Discord server has a mindblowing 700,000 active members, making it one of the largest Discord servers in existence. Being the official Discord server for Minecraft, one might wonder why it’s not much higher on this list.

Can you AFK on Aternos?

Why isn’t afking allowed on aternos? This literally means you CANNOT make any mob farms or anything, meaning if you wanna go ancient debris mining but need tnt, you can’t make a creeper farm, or you can, and risk a server suspension.

How do you make a discord bot for a Minecraft server?

So there’s actually one package that we have to install using MPN and the package if I pull it up here it’s called the minecraft server util this is an NPM package.

How do I setup my Aternos discord bot?

Create a new discord app here, add a bot to the application and copy and paste the token into this environment variable. Mongodb connection string. Create a database named aternos-discord-bot .

  1. VPS or spare computer.
  2. Discord bot token.
  3. MongoDB database (optional)

How much RAM does an Aternos server need?

By default aternos provides users only up to 4GB ram as a free service , if you reach that limit you will be no longer able to start your server.

Do Aternos servers get deleted?

The actual time when your server gets deleted depends on the general usage and the current financial situation of Aternos. If an email address is linked to your account and ‘Server deletion’ notifications are enabled in your account settings, you will receive an email before your server is deleted.

Are Aternos servers good?

Very good experience

All I can say is that aternos is a very good free minecraft server hoster. They provide a lot of mods, plugins, server softwares and versions, many hosters don’t. They let you have your own custom domain, which is also cool.

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