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How do I link my Spotify to Discord mobile?

If you don’t already have any connections set up all you need to do to add spotify is select add on the top. Right. And then in the list find spotify and select. It.

Why can’t I connect my Spotify to Discord?

Clear Cache and Cookies

As it turns out, the first thing that you should do when you face the error message in question is to clear the temporary cache files that are stored on your system. This applies to you if you are using the browser to integrate Discord and Spotify.

How do I show Spotify on Discord mobile 2022?

Screen we are going to choose connections. On the connection screens we will press add on the top. Right in the list of accounts that you are able to connect to discord. We will choose spotify.

How do I show Spotify on Discord status?

For your discord. Account all we need to do is find and select connections. And then in here select add in the top. Right. And then find spotify.

How does Discord know you are listening to Spotify?

In your User Settings, under “Connections,” there’s likely a connection you’ve made to your Spotify account. The simplest explanation for this is that, when you build a connection between your Discord account and your Spotify account, you’re authorizing Discord to know about your music activity there.

Why doesn’t Discord show my Spotify on mobile?

If you’re not seeing your Spotify status via Discord on your Android device, remember the status will only show in Discord when you’re using Spotify on your desktop and not the mobile app.

How do you play music on Discord mobile?

How to Play Music in Discord on Android
  1. Hit the “Music” tab to see the list of available music bots. …
  2. Press “View” to find out more about a specific bot and tap the “Invite” button on the bot you wish to add.
  3. Log in to your Discord account.