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How do I lock a discord channel on everyone?

To lock access to a particular channel, open your server, right-click the voice or text channel and select Edit Channel. From here, open the Permissions tab, select @everyone under roles/members, scroll to the bottom and look for the Connect permission.

How do I lock a channel in discord mobile?

If you closed the Discord app, tap the blue or purple icon labeled “Discord” on your home screen to open it now. Select the server. Select the channel you want to lock. The contents of the channel will now appear.

How do you lock a channel on a discord bot?

At the moment, the only way to restrict bots to one channel only is to manually remove the bot’s chat permissions in each channel that you don’t want it in.

How do I secure my discord channel?

Four steps to a super safe server
  1. Set up roles and permissions.
  2. Set a verification level.
  3. Enable server-wide 2FA.
  4. Turn on the age-restricted content filter.

What does a lock on a Discord channel mean?

It means you can only read the channel unless you have a role!

How do I lock a channel in Discord dyno?

How to set lockdown channels
  1. Head over to your dashboard and select your server.
  2. Click on Modules on the left sidebar, and select the Moderation module.
  3. Once you’re there, look for the “Lockdown Channels” option.
  4. Add the channels which you would like Dyno to lock when you run the ? lockdown command, and you’re all done!

How do you make a rules Channel in Discord?

Open the Discord app and right-click on the left pane to create a channel. Select Text Channel in the Channel Type. Then, type rules in the Channel Name, and click on the Create Channel.

How do I make a Discord channel read only?

Select the Permissions option and then in Advanced permission click on the “+” icon for Roles/Members. Select the newly created role to add. After that, only this role can message and all other members can view the channel as read-only.

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