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It means you can only read the channel unless you have a role!

Can you make discord chats private?

And once you do that you have the option here at the bottom for both a text and a voice channel to make it a private channel.

Can you lock discord?

You’ll set a lockdown from anyone joining for either 7 hours or you’ll lock it permanently until you feel like unlocking it again.

How do I lock my discord settings?

Tap on your server’s name, then select “server settings,” then “roles,” on the following menus. This will open your list of server roles. At the top of the screen, you will see a box that says “Default Permissions.” Click it. Scroll through the permissions and locate “Manage Roles.” Make sure that this is toggled off.

How do you make it so only you can talk in a discord channel?

Make a Read-Only Discord Channel on Mobile

In the menu that pops up, tap “Edit Channel.” On the “Channel Settings” page, tap “Permissions.” In the “Roles” section, choose who you want to prevent from sending messages to your channel.

How do I get into locked discord VC?

If there is a locked voice channel in a server, people who do not possess the role that allows them to join should be able to “Request” to join, as a one-time thing; and then people in the voice channel can accept or reject this request, possibly from a pop-up in the Discord Overlay (If you’re in a game).

Where are Discord private messages?

To access the DM window, Click the Home icon, which is your portrait on the upper left. This will show you a list of your friends, and the direct messages that you currently have. Clicking on the portrait of a friend will open the Direct Message window.

How do you send a Discord message that only one person can see?

Now, this feature would allow you to send a message in public chat that only selected users can see. To do so you would put “/“ at the beginning of the message, “\” at the end, and then you would tag the users you want to see the message.

Can you put an app lock on discord?

Let’s think about it, what if on some day, you lost your phone, and you own a 50k server. And if Discord Mobile has a App Lock which can also cooperate with biometric authentication, your Discord server will totally be fine.

How do I stop people from leaving my discord server?

So that’s the thing you have to think about so take a second to think what makes your server. Stand out what makes it active what will get people to join your server.

What do the discord channel symbols mean?

They are as follows: Green = Online. Yellow = Idle. Red = Do Not Disturb. Purple = Streaming.

Why is my discord server locked?

All this is letting you know is it’s a convenient way for discord to communicate that that role is locked because it’s a higher ranked. Role please ask a higher rank or the server owner for help.

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