How to lock roles on discord

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How do you lock roles on discord so no one gives themselves that role?

So the short answer is there’s nothing you can do about a locked rule. You can’t put a lock on a role you can’t take a lock off of a role.

How do you make a role private on discord mobile?

It’s under the “User Management” header. This displays a list of all users on the server. Tap a member you want to be able to access the private channel. Check the box next to the name of the new role you created.

How do I lock a discord channel?

To lock access to a particular channel, open your server, right-click the voice or text channel and select Edit Channel. From here, open the Permissions tab, select @everyone under roles/members, scroll to the bottom and look for the Connect permission. Click the cross (X) to disable the permission.

How do you make a role locked?

It you can’t manually lock other roles. It’s just discord.

How do you lock roles in Discord 2020?

Select which server to manage and tap the three-dot icon to access some options. Tap Settings. Under User Management, tap Roles. Select which role to edit and disable the option to manage other roles.

Why are some roles locked Discord?

Why are Discord Roles Locked? Discord roles can be locked if the Server Owner refuses permissions to members in the server. A locked role can be restricted from all accounts on the server or available to a few privileged users.

How do you set a default role in Discord?

Managing Roles in Discord
  1. Tap on the drop-down located in the top-right where your server’s name appears. Then, click on Server Settings.
  2. Choose the second option that appears on the left-hand side that says Roles.
  3. Toggle the permissions that you’d like to assign to those who are on your server.

How do I make my Discord server private?

Make Discord server private
  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. In the column on the left, right-click your server.
  3. Select Server settings from the menu.
  4. Go to the Roles tab.
  5. Click Default permissions.
  6. Turn all permissions off.
  7. This will prevent everyone, except you, from inviting other users to the server.

How do I lock a channel on a Discord dyno?

How to set lockdown channels
  1. Head over to your dashboard and select your server.
  2. Click on Modules on the left sidebar, and select the Moderation module.
  3. Once you’re there, look for the “Lockdown Channels” option.
  4. Add the channels which you would like Dyno to lock when you run the ? lockdown command, and you’re all done!

How do you lock channels on Discord mobile?

Tap the back button until you see the Server Settings screen. Scroll down and tap Channels. Now you’ll add the new role to the channel. Tap ⁝ to the right of the channel you want to lock.