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How do I switch between Discord accounts?

How do I access the Account Switcher? Click on your avatar image at the bottom left of your Discord app, then select “Switch Accounts”. How many accounts can I log into with the Account Switcher? You can log into five accounts using the Account Switcher.

Can you log into two Discord accounts at once on mobile?

Note: As of the writing in May 2022, Discord’s mobile app doesn’t offer the option to manage multiple accounts. You’ll have to use Discord’s desktop or web app to use the feature.

Can you log into two Discord accounts at once?

Tap on “Manage Accounts” in the overflow menu and then add more accounts. You can log into five accounts using the Account Switcher. Once that’s done, you should see all your accounts when you tap on the “Switch Account” option. Tapping on any of the accounts will instantly switch to that account.

How do I log into multiple Discord accounts on my phone?

So just tap on switch accounts. And you can see i have two accounts right here if you want to add another account or a new account just tap on add an account.

How do I use two Discord accounts on my Iphone?

Go to https://discord.com/login and log into one of your Discord accounts. Then, add another tab and go to Discord’s login page once more. Log into your other Discord account. This way, you can quickly switch between accounts by switching between tabs.

How do you switch users on Discord PC?

Step 1: Click your profile picture in the bottom-left corner of the Discord desktop app. Step 2: Click “Switch Accounts.” Step 3: Before you can use the Account Switcher feature to switch between accounts, you’ll need to login to your different Discord accounts.

Can I have two Discord accounts on the same email?

Unfortunately Discord only allows one account per email – which shot down that plan pretty quick.

How do you log out of Discord?

Sign Out of Discord on Mobile

In the bottom bar of the app, tap your profile icon. A “User Settings” page will open. Here, next to the page title at the top, tap the “Sign Out” option (the icon of an arrow in a box).

How many Discord accounts can you have?

Discord has not imposed a specific limit on the number of accounts you can have on the platform. The primary identifier for signing up is your email address, and you can only link one Discord account to it. Nevertheless, you can make multiple accounts as long as you have multiple emails to register with.

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