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How do I log off Discord on my phone?

Sign Out of Discord on Mobile

In the bottom bar of the app, tap your profile icon. A “User Settings” page will open. Here, next to the page title at the top, tap the “Sign Out” option (the icon of an arrow in a box).

How do I logout of my Discord account?

Logging out is easy!
  1. Click the settings cog next to your user name & avatar.
  2. Press the red Log Out button.

How do I disconnect Discord from my Iphone?

Down in the top right of the app you’ll see a box with an arrow pointing right select that and then you just need to confirm that you do want to log. Out.

How do I exit Discord on Android?

First you have to open up the discord. Application then tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. And then tap on this exit.

Can I log out of Discord on all devices?

If you are signed into any Discord account, you have the option to click Sign Out of All Devices button. You will get a notification/email stating that this device triggered a Sign Out of All Devices. If it was done by you, they can ignore it.

How do I log into Discord?

Device first we have to of course open discord then tap on login enter your email and then your password if you’re ready tap on login. Now thanks and that’s how you log into discord.

How do I logout of all devices?

Although there’s no way to log out everywhere at once, you can quickly click each logged-in device and click its Sign out button. If you don’t need to find out more information about a device, just click the three dots at the top-right corner of a device in the list and select Sign out.

What will happen if you log out on Discord?

Log out will ensure that your account is not being accessed by someone else. There are also other reasons why you need to log out of Discord, such as you have used Discord from your friend’s device, or you have multiple Discord accounts, and you want to switch.

What does disabling Discord account do?

Disabling your account means your account is put on hold. You can reactivate it by logging in and following the prompts. When you disable an account you will no longer receive any @notifications through the email address associated to your Discord account. However, you can still get friend requests.

Why can’t I remove my phone number from Discord?

Discord doesn’t allow you to disconnect your phone number since it’s a prerequisite for account authentication. You can consider two alternative solutions: either replace the number or delete the entire account.

Does deleting your Discord account delete your messages?

When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted. – Discord.

Why does it take 14 days to delete a Discord account?

It takes 14-days to delete a Discord account after you push the final delete button. This waiting period is included because Discord must go in on their end of the platform to remove anything related to your account.

How do u leave a Discord server?

How to Leave a Discord Server on PC and Mac
  1. Launch Discord on your computer.
  2. Head over to the server you wish to leave. It’s on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on it to show a drop-down menu.
  4. Select Leave Server.

How do I close Apps on Discord?

From Discord’s menu bar at the top, select Discord > Quit Discord. This will fully close the app.

How do I reset my Discord settings?

And here you will see the discord icon just make a right click on it and choose quit discord. So discord has been completely closed. And now if i search. Again. You can see it’s it will be restarting.

How do I log into Discord on my iPhone?

If you already have a Discord account, tap Login. Then enter your email address and password, and tap Login.

How do I leave a Discord server?

Here is a short guide that shows how you can do so on through your iPhone and Android devices.
  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Search and select the server you want to leave.
  3. Click on the three dots beside the server.
  4. From the list of options, click on Leave Server.

How do I add another account on Discord mobile?

So just tap on switch accounts. And you can see i have two accounts right here if you want to add another account or a new account just tap on add an account.

How do I change my Discord password?

Press on your user avatar in the bottom right corner to open User Settings. Choose My Account then Change Password and follow the instructions.

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