How to make a channel read only in discord mobile

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How do I lock a discord channel to read only?

To do this right-click on the server on the left-hand side of Discord’s main page. Then, click Server Settings and Roles. On this page, click Create Role at the top and name your role, choose a color, and grant special permissions under the Permissions tab. Head back to the Read-Only channel’s Settings.

How do I make a discord server read only on Iphone?

View once you have advanced view open under rules. Select at everyone. And then in here all we need to do is scroll down until we get to text channel permissions.

How do I make a discord channel read?

Select the Permissions option and then in Advanced permission click on the “+” icon for Roles/Members. Select the newly created role to add. After that, only this role can message and all other members can view the channel as read-only.

How do you lock channels on discord mobile?

Tap the back button until you see the Server Settings screen. Scroll down and tap Channels. Now you’ll add the new role to the channel. Tap ⁝ to the right of the channel you want to lock.

How do I make a channel read only?

Make a Read-Only Discord Channel on Mobile

In the menu that pops up, tap “Edit Channel.” On the “Channel Settings” page, tap “Permissions.” In the “Roles” section, choose who you want to prevent from sending messages to your channel. We’ll select “@everyone” so nobody can post messages.

How do I make a Discord channel text only?

And today i’m showing you how you can make a read only text channel where you can put your rules. Or your announcements. And only have yourself. And the admins posting about it and the simple way to

How do I add rules to Discord mobile?

Navigate to the Discord web app and sign in to your account. Go to your community server, tap the server’s name then “Server Settings.” Press the “Membership Screening” option from the left sidebar under the “Community” section. Tap “Get Started” toward the bottom of the page to add the server rules.

How do you make a Discord mobile server?

How to Create a Discord Server on Android and iPhone
  1. Launch the Discord app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the +(plus) icon in the left sidebar. …
  3. The Create your server screen will open. …
  4. Next, you will be asked whether the server is for a few people or a large community. …
  5. In this step, you need to give a name to your server.

How do I make my media only channel Discord?

The problem is that there are no media only channels on Discord. If you want a media only channel then you have to either delete all messages that don’t include a file or have a bot do it for you.

How do you fix no text channels on Discord?

Here are the steps to fix Discord channels not showing:
  1. Ask server admin for permission. For most users, the reason for not seeing the channels is the lack of role. …
  2. Unhide muted channels. …
  3. Re-login to Discord. …
  4. Create a new category. …
  5. Check if channels are collapsed. …
  6. Try Discord web.

How do I lock a channel in discord IOS?

If you closed the Discord app, tap the blue or purple icon labeled “Discord” on your home screen to open it now. Select the server. Select the channel you want to lock. The contents of the channel will now appear.

Can you put a Password on discord channels?

Type sp! setpass [Password] to set your password for your guild (No []) The bot will automatically create the channels for you. Now if users join, they will be prompted with entering the server password.

What does a lock on a discord channel mean?

It means you can only read the channel unless you have a role!

How do I restrict channels on Discord?

You can adjust permissions of specific channels, both text and voice, through the channel settings menu by hovering over a channel and clicking on the cog icon. Select the Permissions tab on the left-hand side. By default @everyone has access to all features of a channel.

What does a lock on a Discord channel mean?

It means you can only read the channel unless you have a role!

How do I make a Discord channel private after creation?

How to make a private channel on Discord?
  1. Click on the ‘+’ icon beside ‘Voice channels’ or ‘Text channels’. …
  2. Give a name to this private channel in the ‘Channel name’ textbox.
  3. Toggle on the ‘Private Channel’ option and click on ‘Next’.

How do you lock a Discord server?

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  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click the server.
  3. Click the gear next to the channel’s name.
  4. Click Permissions.
  5. Click @everyone.
  6. Click the X next to all permissions.
  7. Click Save Changes.