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1. How to Make a Discord Bot in Python


In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a Discord bot in Python and interact with several APIs. You’ll learn how to handle events, …

2. Code a Discord Bot And Host it for Free – freeCodeCamp


Dec 15, 2020 — 1. Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website. 2. Navigate to the application page. 3. Click on the “New Application …

3. Build Your First Discord Bot Using Python – Analytics Vidhya

Build Your First Discord Bot Using Python

Sep 7, 2021 — Coding a Chatbot. For making this bot, make sure that you have Python installed on your computer. If not, you can download it from this link.

4. Build a Discord Bot With Python – Better Programming


Step 1: Install discord.py . · Step 2: Create a Discord application and bot. · Step 3: Create a Discord guild (server). · Step 4: Add the bot into the server.

5. Make a Discord Bot with Python | DevDungeon


Feb 16, 2018 — Introduction · Video tutorial · Create a server · Create an app · Create a bot account for your app · Authorize the bot for your server · Install the …

6. How to create and deploy a Discord bot in Python | Qovery


Jul 24, 2021 — Overview · Installing the required libraries · Get your Bot token · Write your discord bot. Write a Dockerfile; Final Steps · Hosting your bot with …

7. How To Build a Discord Bot in Python on Ubuntu 20.04


Feb 4, 2021 — Step 1 — Creating a Bot User For Your Discord Guild. Before you start coding, you need to create and register your bot in the Discord developer …

8. Discord.py: The QuickStart Guide – codeburst


Aug 27, 2020 — This should be a given — you’re making a discord bot with Python, right? Nonetheless, when installing discord.py I recommend creating a …

9. How to Make your own Discord Bot in Python | by Haider Imtiaz


May 8, 2021 — Discord bot gives you a new experience in Discord platform, You can increase your popularity or business. Discord bot helps you to make new ways …

10. how to make a discord bot in python 3.8 Code Example


“how to make a discord bot in python 3.8” Code Answer’s … print(‘[LOGS] Connecting to discord!’) … print(‘[LOGS] Bot is ready!’) … await self.bot.

11. Build a Discord Bot in Python That Plays Music and Send GIFs


In this tutorial, we’ll make a discord bot that can play music in the voice channels. Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform …

12. making Discord bots with Discordpy 1.0.0 p.1 – Python …


DiscordPy is a Python package aimed at helping you to make discord bots. For example, I would like to make a bot that searches PythonProgramming.net for …

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