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What is a community in Discord?

The discord community server is a real-time chat platform that can be used by non-gamers too. You can create a free community server to connect with people from around the world who shares the same interests as you.

How do I make a good community Discord server?

Settings you can see a tab called moderation. Click here and we’re going to recommend setting this to medium for now not that you’ll get flooded with any bot accounts.

How do I make a private community Discord server?

How do I set up a private server?
  1. Disable all permissions for @everyone.
  2. Create a new role in the server.
  3. Enable permissions for the role.
  4. Assign the role to your server members.

Is Discord a dating app?

Though it’s not explicitly a dating app, Discord has increasingly become a platform for people to make romantic connections.

Should I turn my Discord server into a community server?

Setting up your community directly on Discord’s server discovery enables you to make it more visible to your target audience and customers. You no longer have to advertise about your community on different platforms to attract users. Discord is a platform that connects you with many other online communities.

How do I create a community?

Here are the 7 steps to build your own online community.
  1. Identify key stakeholders for the online community.
  2. Define the purpose and goal.
  3. Select a community platform.
  4. Build a member profile.
  5. Develop rules and norms.
  6. Set up your community.
  7. Identify key stakeholders for the online community.
  8. Promote your community.

How do you build a community?

Building a community through personal connections

People connect. These connections create ties between the people, and this is the social capital that makes the sum bigger than its parts. In a way, a community is a group of people connecting to one another, to their leaders, and to an idea.

What should every Discord server have?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best Discord server ideas!
  • Introductions Channel. …
  • Create Dedicated Voice Channels for Specific Interests/Games. …
  • General Discussions. …
  • Host Events. …
  • 10 Aesthetic Discord Server Templates: The Ultimate List.
  • Make Regular Announcements. …
  • Add Important Roles.

How much is a Discord server?

It’s completely free to use with complete access to your messages, history, communities, etc. And, furthermore, it’s free to start your own server too. However, there are paid subscriptions for bonuses and perks. For $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, users can sign up for Discord Nitro(opens in a new tab).

How do I enable community on Discord mobile?

On the Discord mobile app:
  1. Go to one of the servers you own and tap its name on the top of the app.
  2. On the options that appear on your screen, tap the Settings icon.
  3. Under Community Settings, tap “Enable Community.”
  4. Tap the “Get Started” button to set up your community.

Are Discord servers Invite only?

By default, Discord channels are usually open to every server member. However, there are various benefits you can get from making a Discord channel invite-only. For example, it’s a fantastic way to reward members. You can grant them access to this VIP chat room once they’ve contributed enough.

Are community servers private Discord?

You can easily make a private or public Discord server for friends and friends of friends. Those servers are quite limited in terms of size, however.

How do I join a community server Discord?

Open Discord and log into your account, if needed.
  1. Click the plus icon in the left sidebar. …
  2. Select “Join a server.” …
  3. Paste in the invite link and hit “Join.” …
  4. Tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner of the screen. …
  5. Select the “+” sign in the server menu. …
  6. Tap “Join a server.”

What is not allowed on Discord?

Respect Discord

Do not organize, promote, or engage in any illegal or dangerous behavior, such as sexual solicitation, human trafficking, and selling or facilitating the sale of prohibited or potentially dangerous goods (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances).

Why do creators use Discord?

Engage With Your Audience

Many creators use Discord as a perk for their Patreon members, giving paying supporters easier access to them on the server. This is a fantastic way to build your membership program, earn additional income, and build relationships with your strongest supporters.