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How do you put a line through text in Discord?

To strikethrough sentences in Discord, you’ll need to place two “~” tildes on both ends of your text. If you’re on the browser version of Discord, you can also try out the Context menu, which allows players to cross out words manually.

How do you start a new line in Discord?

This short tutorial will show you how to write on a new line in discord start by typing out your message. When you have finished typing on one line you want to hold shift and press enter this will

How do you break a line in Discord chat?

Although very easy to do, many people are unaware of going down a line in a Discord chat. Moving the typing cursor to the location where a new line or a break in the line is required, then holding Shift and pressing Enter helps you go down a line.

How do you do a line break on Discord mobile?

Going down a line on Discord is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is press the Shift key and Enter simultaneously. Press and hold down the Shift key first before pressing enter to ensure you don’t accidentally press the enter key first.

How do you slash text?

Apply or remove strikethrough text formatting
  1. Select the text that you want to format.
  2. Go to Home > Strikethrough.

How do you strike out text?

I can alt l all right you just if you forget just look for the underlined letter um for whatever text effect you want so alt l will apply the double strike through i’ll hit enter.

How do you indent on Discord?

Put a greater-than sign and a space (> ) in front of your text to make a block quote. This will indent your text to signify that you’re quoting something. And if you want a multi-line block quote, put three greater-than signs and a space (>>> ) in front instead.

How do I start a new line on my phone?

Simply press the enter/return button in your key board. It is located at the right botton corner of your keyboard. Hope this helps.

How do you go to the next line on iPhone?

Depending on where you want to insert a line break, launch either Twitter or Instagram on your iPhone. Type in the text as you desire and when you’re reading to insert a line break, tap on the “123” key at the bottom-left of the keyboard.

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