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How do I add reminder bot to Discord?

So the way you do this is slash remind. And then the amount of time. In hours that you want it to you want to be reminded in so for example if you say 10 it’ll be in 10 hours you can also say 10 101.

Is there a Discord bot for reminders?

A cool Discord Reminder bot which is easy to use and also unterstands human language! Interval Reminds: You can set a specific channel, user/role ping, specific remind message. +interval.

Can you set an alarm in Discord?

alarm => Sets up an alarm to the channel in which you’re sending the message. If you wish to send the alarm to a specific channel, the last “word” of the message should be the channel that you desire to send the message to.

How do you set a MEE6 reminder?

To set a timed message, open MEE6 dashboard and open the server that you want to send the message to. Here scroll down and select the Timers option. On the Timers page, click on Add Timer button and select the channel, time and enter the message that Mee 6 has to send. Once done, click on Create.

How does remind me bot work?

It’s beneath the comment box. This adds your comment to thread, and alerts RemindMeBot to set up your automated message. In just a moment, RemindMeBot will respond to your post, confirming the date and time of the reminder. If you want to delete the RemindMe!

How do I create a bump reminder?

How do I setup Bump reminder?
  1. @here/@everyone ping in a channel, just person, who have access to the channel will be pinged. –>Setup through add the @here role with: %setup ping here. …
  2. @role ping in a bump channel with: –> %setup ping @role. …
  3. Last User ping without or on a bumpchannel:

How do I set up auto message on Discord?

Click on the drop down menu to set a channel to send automated messages then enter the message interval.

Can you schedule announcements on Discord?

Similar to the new Youtube Premieres function, discord messages (that are sent by users with admin role or something) can be scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time. Users would be able to see when the message is going to arrive. Useful for planned announcements.

How do I change my Apollo bot prefix?

Hey MickNick, you can change the prefix with the ! prefix command.

How do I get text alerts from Discord?

How Discord + SMS Alert Integrations Work
  1. Step 1: Authenticate Discord and SMS Alert.
  2. Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.
  3. Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.
  4. Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.
  5. That’s it!

Can MEE6 give reminders?

Send timed messages – both text or embed – every specific time on every specific day. Give people on your server a reminder or promote your upcoming stream.

How do I warn MEE6?

warn @username – used to warn users. You can also add a reason, in the end, to explain why the user was warned. A series of warnings can decrease users’ ranking if you also use leveling system, also supported by MEE6.

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