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How do you create a stage channel in discord 2021?

Channel so go ahead and right click anywhere over here where your channels are listed. So right click over there on the far left. And then go to create.

Did discord remove stages?

Discord has shut down the Stage Discovery tool for finding social audio live events on the Stage Channels social audio platform.

Why did Discord remove stages?

Since Discord plans to continue investing in and expanding Stage Channels, it’s bound to roll out other ways to find audio broadcasts in the future. The company says it’s taking some time to rethink the discovery aspect of Stages and how it can better connect users with communities that are relevant to their interests.

Can you stream on stage Discord?

Our server members like to watch us while playing so we always stream for them, but stage channel doesn’t have the ability to stream, so other member don’t stay on that channel to listen us only, they want us to stream.

How do stage channels work Discord?

Stage Channels give you the ability to have one user speak while the others stay as audience, with audio muted by default. Only once the moderator allows someone to speak will they be able to communicate via audio.

What is Discord stage discovery?

Stage Discovery allows users to browse public Stages. Any Community server can create a public Stage channel that is discoverable for users regardless of whether they are a public server.

How do I share my screen on stage channel?

So all you need to do is click into general 2.0. All you need to do is click this link. And then you will join this discord. Screen sharing a video call.

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