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Stage channels are a special type of voice channel you can create in your Community server. They are for audio-only conversations where some people can talk and others can listen as the audience.

Did discord remove stages?

Discord has shut down the Stage Discovery tool for finding social audio live events on the Stage Channels social audio platform.

How do you create a stage in Discord 2022?

Channel so go ahead and right click anywhere over here where your channels are listed. So right click over there on the far left. And then go to create.

Why did Discord get rid of stages?

Since Discord plans to continue investing in and expanding Stage Channels, it’s bound to roll out other ways to find audio broadcasts in the future. The company says it’s taking some time to rethink the discovery aspect of Stages and how it can better connect users with communities that are relevant to their interests.

Where is stages in Discord?

Stage channels are a great way to broadcast to the whole server, because they can be pinned to the top of the channel list when they are “opened.” All you need to do to open a Stage is write a topic, and it will show up at the top below your server title or banner.

Where is stage discovery Discord?

Discord’s new discovery feature will show up in the home tab, offering a directory of live voice events. The feature’s real promise is that those events can bring new users into the fold, connecting them to thriving communities that have a lot more going on beyond events.

How do I make a stage on Discord mobile?

Okay hi guys so i’m in discord. Now and i’m going to show you guys how to make a stage channel so i am in the kaplan. Community discord server which you guys can check out by clicking the link in the

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