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Can you have two accounts on Discord?

If you wanted to add another account to the app, you would first have to log out of the current account. This made switching between accounts on the app a nuisance. With its new Account Switcher, the Discord app now lets you add multiple accounts and switch between them with just a few taps.

How do I make another account on Discord with the same email?

If you want to use the same email address for a second account, you will have to make a small addition to your email address when you create an account. A plus sign (+) and a keyword need to be added before the “@” sign of your email address.

Can I have 2 Discord accounts on my phone?

You can use multiple Discord accounts on your mobile device, Android and iOS in the same way as on a computer. Either download the app and open it on the browser, too, or open it on two browsers.

Can you have 2 discords open?

You can now use multiple Discord clients and even sign into multiple different Discord accounts all on the same computer. There is no hard limit here either (other than your PCs resources) – so open as many clients as you need!

What is alt account in Discord?

Alts are a part of life on Discord. Some people use them so they can have different personas while others use them to sidestep bans.

Can I make a new account with the same email?

If you would like to use the same email address on a new account, you will first need change your email address on the existing account to any unused email address. You can edit your email address from your Account Settings.7 days ago

How do I add an account to Discord mobile?

Once you click “Add Account”, it takes you to the regular login screen, but with a cancel option. Then once logged in, clicking “Switch Account” will take you to a list of all your accounts. Fig. 3 Shows all your accounts, and the option to switch and/or logout.

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