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1. How do I make a discord bot join a voice channel? – Stack …


Jun 24, 2020 · 1 answer
Looks like you’re using Discord.js V12. To get the channel you’ll have to use: client.channels.cache.get(“ChannelID”).
How a discord bot can join a voice channel in discord …
1 answer
Jul 31, 2019
How to make a bot join voice channels discord.py …
2 answers
May 13, 2020
How To Connect Discord Bot To Voice Channel …
2 answers
Sep 22, 2020
Discord Bot doesn’t join voice channel – Stack Overflow
1 answer
Jul 14, 2020
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2. “discord how to make a bot join voice channel in python” Code …


bot.command() async def join(ctx): channel = ctx.author.voice.channel await channel.connect() @bot.command() async def leave(ctx): await …

3. Discordpy how to make the bot join voice channel – Pretag


Sep 21, 2021 — I want to make my discord bot to connect to the voice channel I am when I type !join. i have tried to do it with the following code but i …

4. Discord Bot doesn’t join voice channel – py4u


im struggling to making my bot get into a voice channel, i have already read alot of posts that are here and none of them has been able to solve my problem, …

5. How do i add a bot to voice channel? : r/discordapp – Reddit

How do i add a bot to voice channel? from discordapp

Most bots I’ve seen have a “summon” command that you can type that will make it join the voice channel you’re in. Of course, all this varies from bot-to-bot …

6. how to make bot join voice channel discord.py code example


Example 1: python discord bot join voice channel @bot.command() async def join(ctx): channel = ctx.author.voice.channel await channel.connect() …

7. PrivateVoice | Discord Bots | Top.gg


PrivateVoice is a bot to create and manage private voice channels in your Discord server. With this bot, you don’t have to create a voice channel for every …
Rating: 88.3% · ‎12 votes

8. How to Play Music in Discord – Alphr


5 steps
Create a server in your Discord with the “+” symbol.
Name the server and your region.
Go to a bot’s website and click on the “Invite” or “Add” button.

9. Invisible join in on voice channels – Discord Support


Agree with this. I run a small server for my kids and their friends who are all between 6 and 12. I would like to be able to get on their channel once in awhile …

10. Invite to join current voice channel – Discord Support


This is possible by creating an instant invite on the current voice channel you’re in and sending the invite to a friend. However, if somebody isn’t in the …

11. Discord Bot on your voice channel | by Blumareks


play an audio file in the Discord voice channel by a prompt to a bot; · it is a necessary introduction to respond with a short text from AI service that converts …

12. Discord.js bot joining voice channel but wont run the …

Discord.js bot joining voice channel but wont run the remaining code after joining

I have a discord bot that I’m trying to get to join a voice channel and have it repeat a sound file, so far I have got it to join but after it joins, …

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