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How do you make your discord status say you’re playing something?

Enable the Activity Status on Discord

Click on the Gear icon next to your username (located at the bottom left). Select Activity status from the left sidebar. Enable the option that says Display current activity as a status message.

How do you show what game you’re playing on discord 2020?

Now, XDA-Developers has noticed a “Game Detection Service” in the Discord Android app. The feature simply lets the app detect what Android game you’re playing, then gives you the option of displaying the game as a status message. To activate the Game Detection Service, you’ll need to visit User Settings > Games.

How do you make Discord show what game you’re Playing 2021?

Once the settings open scroll down in the left sidebar. Until you see activity settings and select activity status.

How do you make Discord show what game you’re Playing 2022?

Discord Game Activity
  1. Start your game and open Discord.
  2. Click on the Settings cog in the lower left-hand corner.
  3. Click on ‘Activity Status. ‘
  4. The game you’re playing right now should automatically appear.
  5. Scroll down to see a list of the games you’ve played previously.

Why doesn’t my Discord have game activity?

Enable the game activity status

You can solve this problem easily. First, open the Discord app, and go to the setting option and click on it. After clicking go to the game activity and click on it. After clicking various options will appear, enable the game activity status if it is disabled.

Why is game activity not showing on Discord?

In the User Settings window, go to the Games Activity tab from the left pane. Step 3. Toggle on the switch of Display currently running games as a status message under the Game Activity section. Now, you can relaunch the client and see if the Discord not detecting game issue still persists.

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