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How do I set a mute role dyno?

If you would like to create your own (or migrate the Muted role of an existing bot if you are switching to Dyno), you would need to name the role “Muted” (case sensitive), and Dyno will simply use this role instead of making a new one. You can then change the name of this role if you’d like!

Can you force mute on Discord?

So select the three horizontal lines in the top. Left then select the server that you want to mute. Now at the top you’ll see the server name select the three horizontal dots next to the server.

How do you make a role locked on Discord?

How to lock roles on Discord using the PC client?
  1. Step 1: Open Discord and tap on your server’s name. Click Server Settings.
  2. Step 2: Click on Roles and then Default Permissions.
  3. Step 3: Select the @everyone role and scroll down to the Manage Roles permission. Make sure it’s disabled.

Can you make Discord roles invisible?

But before they were literally invisible you can see them aside from the text. But because roles now have a background we can’t make the role itself invisible.

Can Dyno IP ban?

Discord bans are IP Bans so you may have another account in there that is banned. However all of Dyno bans are Discord bans so if they are still unable to find the ban, You would have to contact discord to resolve the issue, as it’s not an issue with Dyno itself.

How does mee6 mute work?

And you’ll see that me six has created its muted role just get the role and drag it up to the top of the server. Until it is just below your moderation. Roles you can leave all the permissions.

What does suppress @everyone do?

Rather than entirely disabling the mentions, you can suppress them, ie, you can choose to not get notified when someone sends a message with an ‘@everyone’ or ‘@here’ mention. You can use this option even if you are not the server admin.

How do I mute someone on Discord without admin?

1. Go to your “Home” page by clicking the Discord logo at the top of your server list on the left. 2. Right-click the name of anyone in your Friends or Direct Messages list and select “Mute” from the menu.

How do you deafen someone?

Check the box next to “Server Deafen.” It’s under the “Administrative” header. This member will no longer be able to hear voice conversations on any voice channel on this server. You can deafen additional users by checking the “deafen” box on their User Settings panels.

How do u lock a role?

Select which server to manage and tap the three-dot icon to access some options. Tap Settings. Under User Management, tap Roles. Select which role to edit and disable the option to manage other roles.

How do you make a role private?

And we have our channel right now everyone can see it so we want to make it exclusive to that one role that we created so we right click on the channel edit channel. And then permissions.

What is the highest role in discord?

The blurple arrow is your highest role; roles now follow a linear hierarchy. In simpler terms, the “metaphorical totem pole” is now a bit more literal in practice. This is the omega role! Giving this role to a user grants them all of the permissions in the permissions list!

How do you make a role have no color?

Role Color

There are 21 color buttons, clicking on them will change the role’s color. The leftmost button is light grey, and clicking on it will make the role’s color the default (so no color will be associated with the role).

How do you role persist dyno?

rolepersist command, you can assign or unassign a role that persists if the user leaves and rejoins. If you persist a role to a user, they will immediately be given back the persisted role when they rejoin your server. This will log a moderation action. You can also add an optional reason.

How do I Unmuted a discord server?

This can easily be done from the lower right-hand side of the screen. Next to your username and avatar, you will see three icons, a microphone, a headset, and a cog. Clicking the microphone will both mute and unmute you in Discord. You can see if you are muted by looking at your name in the voice chat.

How do you check a dyno warning?

Managing your warnings:
  1. To warn a user, use the ? warn command.
  2. To clear a specific warning from a user, use the ? delwarn command. You can use the warning ID to clear a specific warning.
  3. To clear all warnings from a user, use the ? clearwarn command.

Why are dyno commands not working?

Why is Dyno saying “The command failed.” ? This is a generic error simply stating something went wrong in DynoLand. Ensure that Dyno has the correct permissions and try the command again. If everything seems fine yet the issue still persists, head over to our support server.

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