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1. How To Fix Pixelated Or Blurry Text On Discord – Tech News …


2. Discord Screen Share is Very Low Quality/Mouse Cursor does …


… no matter what, I have this very pixelated quality resolution as I am screen sharing. I have been waiting for a fix for a while now and still have not …

3. Screenshare gets blurry afer a while. – Discord Support


Oct 18, 2020 — When the screen is becoming “blurry”, everything that moves on the screen will get pixelated and everything static will remain sharp.

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4. Screen share gets blurry after a while : r/discordapp – Reddit

Screen share gets blurry after a while from discordapp

Jan 14, 2021 — Hello, I have a problem with screen sharing. The stream starts of nice, but after a while it gets all pixelated and blurry.
Why Is My “Go Live” Stream So Poor In Quality? : r/discordapp
Oct 13, 2020
Anyway to improve screenshare quality? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Dec 13, 2017
Screenshare video quality dropped : r/discordapp – Reddit
Sep 7, 2019
Discord screen share pixelation details : r/discordapp – Reddit
Feb 6, 2021
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5. How To Fix Discord Screen Share Lag In Easy Steps! [2021]

How To Fix Discord Screen Share Lag In Easy Steps!

Sep 22, 2021 — To fix the screen share lag on Discord make sure to terminate any running unnecessary programs. Turn off/on the hardware acceleration in the …

6. How to Fix Screen-Sharing Problems on Discord – MakeUseOf


Nov 10, 2021 — If you can’t share your screen on Discord, it could put an end to your live … Occasionally, you may run into a “Discord screen share not …

7. Discord Showing Blurry Text? Our Top Tips to Fix It Now – One …

Discord Showing Blurry Text? Our Top Tips to Fix It Now

In some cases, blurry text in Discord could be caused by something other than hardware acceleration. If you are using Windows 10 and an NVIDIA graphics card, …
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8. Discord on Twitter: “@shin_tweetsz Oh heck! There might be …

fix streams in discord they often get blurry even with a good pc. … drops below 10 often, regardless of screen sharing a desktop or playing a game.

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9. Discord Screen Share | How to Enable It | With Fixes(2021)


I have given some fixes for Discord screen share errors at the end of this post. … Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working. Final Thoughts …

10. [Fixed] Discord Screen Share Not Working – Remote Tools


Discord can do a lot more than just send a plain text or a voice message, and one really cool feature that it offers is screen sharing. If you’re gaming, …
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11. How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Chat?

How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Chat?

Discord Screen Share Not Working? — To make a call to your friend or any other user on the chat server, you need to be friend with that user. After doing …

12. Discord PFP troubleshooting 2021: How to fix blurry Discord …


Sep 12, 2021 — A recent Discord glitch causes users’ profile pictures to appear blurry and pixelated. So if your pfp for Discord appears blurry, we have …

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