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So, click on the Welcome from the left panel to open it. You will see multiple options to greet a new user to the server. We will go simple and turn on the first option for sending a message when a user connects to the server. After turning on the option, select the channel and then, add a welcome text message.

How do you make a welcome page on Discord?

Open the Discord web or desktop app and sign in to your account. Head to one of the Community Servers you currently own or manage. Click the server’s name on the top left and select Server Settings on the menu. Click “Welcome Screen” under the Community section and select the “Set Up Welcome Screen” button.

How do I create a welcome chat?

Choose the welcome plugin press yes use the drop menu on the left to select your welcome channel enter your custom welcome message in the box provided.

How do you make a welcome message Discord bot?

Simply head over to dyno.gg. And make sure to log in with your discord. Account you can then authorize the bot to make changes on your server. Next select manage servers.

How do I make a mee6 welcome message?

As you can see and in general it’s going to be the little message which discord gives you we’re going to basically make it better so all you need to do for this is just go onto your google.

What does MIMU bot do?

with its extensive configuration options and simple style, Mimu brings to you a one-of-a-kind economy system to your Discord server and brings your dreams to reality. Its utilities are packed, made to be user-friendly and for serves to be a cuter currency system.

What is the welcome bot in Discord?

Welcomer is a multipurpose discord bot mainly known for the customisation of welcome images. This bot also includes many other features. Welcomer is not just any bot. Its the most popular image welcome bot of them all.

How do you set up Welcome and goodbye on Discord?

In this video i’ll be showing you how to make a welcome and goodbye channel in your discord. Server for this we will be using me 6bot to automatically post custom welcome messages when someone joins

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