How To Mass Ban Members In A Discord

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1. A way to mass ban raider alts? : r/discordapp – Reddit

A way to mass ban raider alts? from discordapp

Feb 24, 2021 — r/discordapp – I made a bot that exposes my server members if they have. 5.2K. Shows the Silver Award… and that’s it. Thank you stranger.
A bot that can mass ban/kick? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Jul 23, 2018
Script to ban everyone? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Sep 2, 2018
my friend banned all of my 500 members from my discord …
Jun 21, 2018
someone tell me what does mass ban means in discord 0-0
Apr 27, 2021
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2. Can you mass kick people from a server using

Oct 20, 2020 · 1 answer
Yes this is possible. You can iterate through members in the guild and check if they have the specific role. … So when you type prefix+role_kick … :: massban command not properly banning …
1 answer
Jul 30, 2021 – Ban everyone in the server without a role …
1 answer
Mar 18, 2020
Discord JS ban all event banning members but returns …
1 answer
May 4, 2020
Discord.js: What method should I use to ban everyone …
1 answer
Jul 28, 2021
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3. Mass ban/kick option (Anti-raid) – Discord Support

Feb 14, 2020 — You can get a bot that is basically an anti raid at its easy to setup you can join the server for more info on this …

4. Can you mass ban in discord? – BoardGamesTips

Yes it deletes it for everyone in the chat. Be it a group chat, private chat or server, if the message gets deleted it’s gone for everyone and gone from …
‎| Must include: Members

5. GitHub – qro/mass-ban

A discord mass ban tool that can be used by a user or bot token to completely wipe out a server with the required permissions.

6. Script to ban members of a discord servers. – Discover gists …

3 – Run this command : python3 4 – Invite bot to the servers you want to ban members from. 5 – Wait until banning is done.

7. Linu | Discord Bots |

linu kick Kicks a user from the current server. linu lockdown Server/Channel lockdown. linu massban Mass bans multiple members from the server.
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8. mass ban Code Example

commands.command() # uses command decorators, in this case inside a cog @commands.has_permissions(ban_members=True) # only people that have permissions to …

9. Wick – Discord Bots

Prevent anyone from trying to destroy your server, verify members, block raiders … Wick will stop admins/mods from: Mass-Channel Creations and Deletions, …

10. How to Unban Someone on Discord – Alphr

7 steps
Launch Discord on your computer.
Go to the server or the channel from which you want to unban someone.
Click on the down arrow on the top left of the screen next to the server name. Doing so will open the drop-down menu.

11. How to Ban, Kick or Mute | MEE6 Helpdesk

Want your server to be a safe place for your members? Make sure you can Ban, Kick, and Mute those who don’t respect the rules!

12. Discord Ban Guide | R2DA Wiki | Fandom

This page is intended for the use of R2D:A Discord Moderators+, or users who are … Mass pinging Moderators/Contributors will result in a permanent ban …