How to mass delete discord messages

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How do I delete multiple messages on discord?

Right click, delete and confirm on PC, or hold down shift when clicking delete. If we could have a way of selecting a group of messages and then delete them it would be great. Thanks.

How do I delete 1000 messages on discord?

Little interface on discord bulk delete messages. Now things are a lot easier than in the previous. Video. Simply click get next to authorization author. And guild. Channel this will take whatever

Is there a fast way to delete all messages on discord?

Go to Direct Message. -Hover with your mouse over the conversation. -Click the X button that emerges. Discord will remove it from your view.

How do I mass delete discord messages with MEE6?

Without further ado, let us see the steps to do this:
  1. Step 1: Log in to the Discord application.
  2. Step 3: Select the Add to Discord option.
  3. Step 4: Permit the bot to work on the server. …
  4. Step 5: To continue further, choose a server.
  5. Step 6: The Mee6 bot will then ask for your permission for deleting messages.

Is there a shortcut to delete messages on Discord?

But, if you use Discord on a web browser or desktop, the platform gives you the tools to use it in a much faster and efficient way – through keyboard shortcuts.

Discord hotkeys: The full list [Mac]
Delete message Backspace
Pin message P
Reply to message R


How do I delete all messages in Discord 2022?

Deleting multiple messages in a Discord channel is done through the command! clear [amount]. For instance, you can type in ! clear1000 to delete 1000 previous messages.

Can Dyno purge messages?

purge command, you can delete a number of messages from a channel. You can use different filters to specify what type of messages which you want Dyno to remove. You can only purge up to 1,000 messages at a time with the purge command, and you cannot purge messages that are over 14 days old.