How to mention a voice channel in discord

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Can you tag voice channels in Discord?

you can tag #games and it turns blue and clickable and all, but it’s not the same for Voices Channels, there’s not even a prefix for that.

How do you mention a channel in Discord?

<@459859776352944129> for ID and <@&709564416080871505> and it will ping that role, there should be a thing like <@%(channel ID)> and then when people do that it will highlight it in blue and bring you to that server and channel.

How do you mention a voice channel in Discord 2022?

To tag a channel, you can write “#” and Discord will automatically suggest you different channels, but you can type out the one you specifically want if Discord suggestions don’t contain the one you want. If your talking in the general spot you just say “Hey join me in #Vc” or whatever your voice channel is called.

How do I tag a channel from another channel in Discord?

You can take the channel ID of the channel you want to link. So I will take roles info and copy that ID.

How do you copy voice channel ID on Discord mobile?

To find the Server ID of any server on both Android and iOS, tap on the three dots next to the server name, and in the menu that appears, scroll down and tap on ‘Copy ID’. To find the Channel ID, press and hold on the channel name and select ‘Copy ID’.

How do you mention everyone in Discord?

Discord @everyone is a feature that allows you to notify every member of the channel when sending a message. In other words, if you send a message that includes the text ‘@everyone’, you would be sending a notification to everyone who is a part of the channel.

How do you mention a channel ID?

To get a Channel ID right click the channel and click on “Copy ID” then paste it into your Discord or on a text editor. Alternatively type the channel as a mention and place a backslash \ in front of the mention.

How do you tag a group in Discord?

Insider Servers people can tag you. Tags are made by putting an @ in chat, followed by the name of a person. So to tag the user M0m#0001, you have to type @M0m#0001 in chat.

How do I get mee6 to mention a channel?

FIrst, go to your server and type \#your-channel (do not forget the \) then send ur message

How do I ping a channel?

To ping a specific user, use: @nickname (i.e. @Leonidas). As you start typing their nickname, it should autofill for you. Alternatively, you can use their discord username. To ping a role, use: @role (i.e. @Officer).