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1. Restrict bots to certain channels – Discord Support


2. How to disable discord bots in specific channels. – gists · GitHub


How to disable bots in specific channels · 2. Open the roles tab · 3. Select all roles the bot has · 4. Disable Administrator permission · 5. Give the bot other …

3. How do you move a bot: discordapp – Reddit

How do you move a bot from discordapp

Jan 31, 2019 — I want to move a bot to its own text channel so it doesn’t spam the main chat but I don’t … r/discordapp – Do people not care about privacy these days?
Restrict Bot to one text channel without fussing around in all …
Nov 20, 2016
Activate bots only through a specific text channel? – Reddit
Jun 10, 2016
How can I restrict a bot to a specific text channel?: discordapp
Dec 5, 2017
How do i add a bot to voice channel?: discordapp – Reddit
Feb 22, 2016
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4. Moveer | Discord Bots | Top.gg


A bot that moves users from one voice channel to another. Including locked and hidden voice channels! We currently have 8 commands that all move users in …
Rating: 100% · ‎6 votes

5. Locking the Bot to Specific Channels (using legacy commands)


May 26, 2021 — Using the new inbuilt slash commands (like /play)? Check this article instead. Bots are a very cool tool to spice up your Discord server….

6. How to force a Discord bot to only appear in specified channels


1 answer
If it’s your Discord bot, remove it’s administration powers (or if you can manage the bot’s administration), also change it’s permission to read text …

7. How to Add a Bot to Discord to Help Moderate Your Channel


Dec 23, 2020 — How to add a bot to Discord to help you run and organize your chatroom · 1. Scroll and click the Twitch icon. · 2. Click “Yes” in the pop-up to …

8. How to Add a Bot to a Discord Channel on a PC or Mac


Jun 3, 2021 — There are many different bots that do different things. … to install a bot on one of your Discord channels when you’re using a computer.

9. Trying to move users between voice channels using discord …


Aug 1, 2020 — What I’m trying to do now is I want the bot to move a user from one voice channel to another when a specific command is used. I’ve been trying …
1 answer  ·  Top answer: I have a function that does something similar on my discord.py bot. I think your problem is that you need to call member.move_to(channel). For example, …

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10. How to Hide Bots in your Discord Server – SlurpTech

How to Hide Bots in your Discord Server

Mar 28, 2021 — Switch to the Permissions tab. This is where you set any channel-specific permissions for individuals or members with certain roles. 4. Press …

11. How To Add Bots To A Discord Server: A Step-By-Step Guide


Feb 5, 2020 — 2 Step 7 (Optional): Create A Bot Command Channel. Another simple quality of life feature is to create a brand new text channel on …

12. How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server – Alphr


Another reputable repository for Discord bots is called, simply enough, Discord Bots. … you may still be asked to authorize it within the channel.

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