How to move roles on discord

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Can you rearrange roles in discord?

Click Roles. Drag the roles into the order that you’d like them to appear in. Roles nearer the top of the list have precedence over roles further down in the list. You can select more than one role using the checkbox to the left of the role name, then drag and drop all selected roles to reorder.

How do I move server roles in discord?

How to Manage Roles in Discord
  1. Click on the role you’d like to change.
  2. Select Permissions to control what members can do on your server.
  3. Select Manage Members to add or remove members.

How do I move multiple discord roles at once?

1) When managing roles, it would be really useful if you can highlight multiple roles by pressing Ctrl + click on the roles you want to highlight. Than you will be able to edit the highlighted role permissions all at the same time.

How do I arrange roles in discord mobile?

You just click and drag the role where you want it in server settings.

How do you change order of discord?

You can also reorder your categories here too though hold down the three lines button next to the channel you want to move you can then drag the channel to any position on the list.