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Press and hold on the channel or category that you want to move then drag it into position move all of the channels and categories into the position you want them click done in the top corner.

How do I organize my discord text channels?

You can pull the little pull down menu at the top of that same sidebar for your server settings. And then right here you’ve got create channel or create category.

How do I rearrange channels in Discord?

You can also reorder your categories here too though hold down the three lines button next to the channel you want to move you can then drag the channel to any position on the list.

How do I organize my Discord mobile server?

Into midgets so all you do is you hold click and hold if you’re in mobile you just tap and hold. And you drag one on top of the other.

How do you drag in Discord?

Press on the server or the channel that you would like to drag and drop, which you can find in the left-hand panel server list or the channel list of a server. Press Ctrl + D/Cmd + D to select that item and lift it from its original position.

How do I create a folder in Discord mobile?

To create a server folder on Mobile devices, long hold a server icon and hover it over another server then drop it in. Long hold the folder when closed to move the folder in the server list.

How do you scroll all the way up on Discord mobile?

Hover your cursor to any message and then click JUMP which will appear on the right of that box. This will pull you to the top!
  1. click in the search box.
  2. choose “in: channel” from the resulting drop-down.
  3. select the channel in question from the next drop-down; should be the first one listed.
  4. then select “Oldest”

Can you create subcategories in Discord?

Whether you’re starting a brand new server or implementing them into an existing one, you can bring order to your channels as “sub-channels” housed neatly under categories as you refine your server’s layout. Think of a category like an umbrella! Just like channels have permissions, so do categories.

How do I create categories in Discord?

Open the Discord app (desktop or web app) and sign in to your account. Head to the server that you want to manage. Click your server’s name on the top left side of the app and select “Create Category” from the menu. Add the category’s name and click “Create Category” to confirm your decision.

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