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How do you adjust the overlay on Discord?

You can change the settings of the Discord overlay as well while you’re in-game. Once the overlay is opened, navigate to the gear icon to open the settings. You can change the same ones under the Overlay Settings in Discord’s main program.

How do I move the Discord overlay in among us?

To enable or disable the Discord game overlay, open the Settings menu, and select the “Game Activity” tab. Click on the monitor icon on the right of the game icon to turn the overlay on or off. Users can adjust these settings while in-game by bringing up the in-game overlay menu.

How do I fix Discord voice chat overlay?

Fix 1: Ensure Discord Overlay Is Enabled

Open Discord and access User Settings. Scroll the tabs on the left to the bottom and select Game Overlay (Under Activity Settings). Ensure the Enable in-game overlay option is activated.

How do I change my Video call layout on Discord?

Step 1: Find the ‘Setting’ icon at the bottom left side of your screen, and click on the settings. Step 2: To adjust your Video and Voice chat settings, look for the ‘Voice and Video’ Option under the ‘App Settings’ category on the left-hand menu.

What is voice overlay?

Discord Mobile Voice Overlay is now on Android!

You will be able to see who’s talking, who’s in the call, and access shortcuts (speaker, mute, hang up) while using other apps—no need to switch back to Discord as this overlay will persist on your phone. Don’t want to see the bubble? You can drag it out at any time!

What does the Among Us bot do?

The Among UX bot is also quite nifty in terms of use over the Discord servers. It helps players find active Among Us games on the same server by creating unique GIFs. It also removes inactive games automatically and has other features like mentioning roles when a game is created or boosted.

How do you get voice overlay in Among Us?

Click on the Settings icon near the bottom-left corner of your Discord window. Click on ‘Overlay’, which is found under ‘App Settings’. Click on the button beside ‘Enable in-game overlay.

How do I move Discord channels on my phone?

To move a text channel with Discord Mobile, you will need to head to the Server Settings and then go to Channels. Tap on the Reorder button at the top of the screen. Tap and hold on the channel you want to move and drag it into place! Hit the Done button once you’ve completed your moves.

What is toggle overlay lock?

That opens up the overlay. Now pro tip here uh shift is used in a lot of games for sprinting. And other different gaming mechanics. Within a pc. Game.

Why is my Discord overlay frozen?

Fix 1: Check if you enabled in-game overlay in Discord

2) On the left panel, click Overlay. Make sure you turned on the toggle next to Enable in-game overlay. 3) On the left panel, click Games. Make sure you turn on the in-game overlay feature for the game you’re playing.

Can’t change overlay settings Discord?

Click the gear icon in the bottom left corner to enter settings. Find the game overlay tab on the left side and click it. Then turn on the switch of enable in-game overlay option on the right. Side