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1. How To Leave a Voice Channel in Discord – Alphr


2. How to mute everyone in discord voice channel? – Steam …


Sep 10, 2020 — In the voice channel, right click any name (including your own). In the context menu, you should see the options for “Server Mute” and …

3. Is it possible to mass mute in voice channel : r/discordapp

Is it possible to mass mute in voice channel from discordapp

Feb 5, 2017 — Set permissions on the voice chat channel to mute all for everyone, then give mic permission roles to folks you trust. Upvote 3
How do I mute everyone in a voice channel? : r/discordapp
Mar 26, 2020
Way to mute everyone in a voice channel on/off : r/discordapp
Aug 30, 2020
How to permanently mute everyone in one specific voice …
Jun 25, 2016
How to mute everyone that is currently joined in a Voicechat …
Jan 18, 2019
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4. How to mute someone on Discord? [3 easy steps] – Remote …


Go to the voice channel in Discord · Right-click on the person’s profile · Find the mute option and tick the checkbox to mute the person.

5. Server Wide Channel Mute – Discord Support


Comentarios · 1. Select Notification Settings · 2. Scroll down to “Notification Overrides” · 3. Select a channel or category and select the boxes that you want.

6. Adding a feature to mute everyone in voice channel with a …


Nov 5, 2020 — But they keep talking even the game was starting. So my question is: Can you add a button in a voice channel that can mute and unmute everyone?

7. (Option to) mute sound notification of other users leaving …


Considering it’s already a separate sound item, it should be super easy for Discord to add a mute option, maybe even per channel/server.

8. A built in feature to mute server members (in text and voice …


Nov 17, 2020 — … be a built-in feature to mute users in text and voice channels ie … I believe that this is a required feature in all discord servers …

9. How to Mute Someone on Discord so You Can’t Hear Them


Mar 13, 2020 — Firstly, you can mute someone in a server’s voice channel. To do this: 1. Join the voice channel that the person you want to mute is in. 2.

10. Discord: How to Mute Channels in a Server – Adweek


Feb 5, 2021 — Each Discord server can have multiple “channels,” or group conversations focused on different topics. If you’re a member of a server that …

11. Muting an Entire Discord Voice Channel (JS) – Stack Overflow


Jul 14, 2020 · 1 answer
I did something similar in a project not too long ago where I had to mute everyone but the person issuing the command.

12. How to mute everyone in a voice channel using discord.js


Jan 30, 2021 — Here, it cycles through all the members in voiceChannel and server-mutes them. You can do m.voice.setMute(0) to unmute them.

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