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How do you mute a group?

Mute a specific group:
  1. Go to the group chat you want to mute.
  2. Tap More options .
  3. Tap Mute.
  4. Select the amount of time you want to mute the chat, then tap OK.

Can you mute conversations on Discord?

How to Mute People in Discord Channel. In the voice channel you’re sharing with the user, right-click on their name. Check the mute button from the list that generates. To unmute them from the voice channel in the future, simply repeat these steps so that you can hear them again.

How do you mute a group in Discord PC?

Enter the server that has a channel you want to mute, and open the channel. 2. In the desktop app, right-click the channel’s name and select “Mute channel.” You can then pick how long you’d like to mute the channel for.

How do I mute a group text?

Every Android phone is a little different, but you should be able to mute notifications by opening the group message in question, clicking the three dots in the upper-right-hand corner, and going to “People & Options” (or something similar). From that settings page, tap “Notifications” and turn them off.

How do I mute all team chat notifications?

Mute from your settings
  1. From the top right corner of Teams, select Settings and more. > Settings > Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to Meetings and Calls and select Edit.
  3. Turn the toggle on for Mute notifications during meetings and calls.

How do you mute everyone in a Discord voice channel?

In the voice channel, right click any name (including your own). In the context menu, you should see the options for “Server Mute” and “Server Deafen”. Click as appropriate (you really only need to choose one or the other, as muting everyone or deafening everyone has the same effect).

What is the mute command on Discord?

To setup, just fill in your mute role ID on line 10 and go to the Slash Command Builder and make a mute command with a user option (the user you want to mute) and a string option (this is the reason), then to use it, just do /mute USER REASON.

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