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Can you mute someone from messaging on Discord?

Open Discord and click on the messages button located in the top left. Find the person you want to mute and then press and hold down on their username. A window will appear with different options. Press “Mute Channel”.

How do you mute one person on Discord text?

Click on the Discord channel button, which you’ll see in the top-left corner. You should now see a list of your ‘Direct Messages’ channels. To mute someone on a Discord chat, right-click on that person’s name. Using the dropdown menu that will appear now, pick ‘Mute @PersonName.

How do I mute people on Discord keyboard?

This is found next to your name in the bottom left corner of Discord.
  1. Choose the “Keybinds” menu from the left panel.
  2. Press the “Add a Keybind” button at the top of the window. …
  3. Click on the action drop menu, and choose either toggle mute or push to mute.

What happens when you mute someone on Discord?

Mute Someone’s Audio in a Voice Channel on Discord

When you mute people in a voice channel, you don’t hear any audio in your channel from that specific user. The other users in the channel will still be able to hear that muted person’s audio.

What is Discord deafen?


Discord gives you the option to either mute or deafen yourself. Muting yourself will prevent others in the voice channel from hearing what you are saying. Deafening yourself will prevent you from hearing others and will also mute you.

How do I mute someone on Discord as admin on my phone?

Open the permissions tab and add the new. Role disable the ability to speak and save changes add this to all your voice channels or categories.

What happens if you block someone on Discord in the same server?

When you block someone on Discord, they won’t be able to send you private messages, and will servers you share will hide their messages. If the person you blocked was on your Friends list, they’ll be removed immediately.

How do you mute someone?

Tap (Android) or (iPhone) next to their post. Tap Hide. Tap Mute [username], then tap Mute Posts or Mute Posts and Story.

How do I disable Keybinds on Discord?

This is very frustrating and unintuitive, but to add on to Tiara’s comment:
  1. Go to User Settings > Keybinds.
  2. Click the button at the top “Add a Keybind”
  3. Choose “Unassigned” from the dropdown menu and set it to CTRL + ‘
  4. The start private call keybind is now disabled.

How do I use Keybinds in Discord?

About This Article
  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click the gear icon.
  3. Click Keybinds.
  4. Click Add a Keybind.
  5. Make a selection in the “Action” drop-down.
  6. Record a keybind.
  7. Click X or press Esc to close the keybind menu.

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